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    Lady Gaga Partners with Starbucks for Some Special Dairy-Free Drinks

    After all the super heavy unicorn and mermaid frappuccinos at Starbucks this spring, things are starting to lighten up. Lady Gaga is working with Starbucks to create the Cups of Kindness program, which will feature four non-dairy drinks to help raise money for her Born This Way Foundation. Just because they’re getting away from mythical […]

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    The Simpsons Predicted Lady Gaga’s Halftime Performance Way Back in 2012

    It’s probably safe to assume that anyone who’s ever written for The Simpsons is actually a time traveler — hey, it’d help explain how the show has made it 28 seasons and counting. The Simpsons accurately predicting the future is full-on thing now, having called President Trump in 2000, horse meat scandals, and the persistence of Rolling Stones […]

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    Lady Gaga’s Halftime Show With 300 Dancing Drones Had Help from Intel

    Yesterday was the Super Bowl, and Lady Gaga gave an incredible halftime performance because she’s a consummate professional and that’s what she does. Her coming down from the roof, giving shouts out to her mom and dad mid-song, rocking the classics, and ending everything with a mic spike probably would have been enough, but she […]

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    Watch Lady Gaga Deliver David Bowie Tribute at the Grammy Awards

    The Grammy Awards were last night, and while my feelings on the awards themselves hew closely to those of the hotel room service guy who brought Homer champagne that one time, there are usually at least a few performances that make the show worth watching or, at the very least, worth changing the channel to […]

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    Lady Gaga Breaks G.U.Y. Down into 10 Helpful GIFs

    If Lady Gaga’s latest music video is too long for you to watch – no worries. Mother Monster has chopped up the video into 10 bit-size GIFS that highlight the most important takeaways from G.U.Y. Visually, there is a lot going on in G.U.Y. – half of it doesn’t make sense (well most of it) […]

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    Little Monsters is a Social Network for Lady Gaga Fans

    As if Lady Gaga wasn’t already the queen of Social Media, Gaga has just launched her own social networking site dubbed Little Monsters. The site is designed to be a place where Gaga fans can go to socialize with one another, as well as share Gaga inspired photos and videos.

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    Celebrate the Holidays With Lady Gaga and New iPhone 4S Cases

    Didn’t have your fill of Lady Gaga yet?? There was the Thanksgiving Day special, the recently released photo book with Terry Richardson and of course the Gaga workshop at Barney’s New York. Yes, I would say we are heading to the over-saturated side of the saturation matrix. Well here is yet another piece of Gaga […]

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    Lady Gaga’s Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera is Ready to Marry the Night

    The Polaroid Z340 Instant Digital Camera, crafted under the watchful eye of Polaroid Creative Director Lady Gaga, is finally ready to bring back instant photography. The Z340, originally conceived as the GL30, looks a little less retro than the original design. The original design had a more industrial, ’80s-style vibe, with metallic silver dominating. The […]

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    Made in Polaroid Exhibit Features Art by Celebs Like James Franco

    Polaroid’s Instant Printers have always unleashed the creative artist inside of its users, and now a new exhibit celebrates artwork by artists, designers, photographers, actors and musicians, who have all used Lady Gaga’s GL10 printer to create unique works of art. Some of the well-known celebs who have contributed to this new Made in Polaroid […]

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    Heartbeats by Lady Gaga 2011 Review

    Mother Monster has spoken and she along with Beats by Dr. Dre and Monster have unleashed the second generation of the Heartbeats headphones. Where the original Heartbeats fused her passion for love, fashion, and writing – hence the triangular design, this latest version continues with that same sentiment but with a little more leather and […]

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    Move Over Lady Gaga, Rihanna is the New Queen of Facebook

    Within the last hour or so, Rihanna has successfully pushed Lady Gaga off of her thrown as the queen of Facebook. Rihanna has now managed to edge past Gaga with a growing fan base of about 100,000 fans per day. Currently both stars have around 40.5 million fans. There is only one person who stands […]

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    Lady Gaga and Dr. Dre Debut Next Gen Heartbeats Headphones

    It looks like Monster and Beats by Dr. Dre are teaming up with Lady Gaga again for another pair of headphones, dubbed the Heartbeats Lady Gaga High Performance In-Ear Headphones with ControlTalk. Talk about a July 4th weekend surprise! The headphones, will be available in a choice of black or white / gold. Once again, […]

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    Lady Gaga Strikes a Pose for Karl Lagerfeld’s Gold iPad 2

    Apparently the best way to take a picture of Lady Gaga is with a White Gold Plated iPad 2. Well that is what Karl Lagerfeld thinks anyway. Both Lady Gaga and Lagerfeld appeared on the French talk show Le Grand Journal, where Karl whipped out his gold plated iPad from Computer Choppers and started taking […]

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    Lady Gaga and Polaroid Unveil Interactive Window at Bloomingdales

    This morning Lady Gaga and Polaroid unveiled a special interactive window display at Bloomingdales which showcases their first Grey Label product, the GL10 Instant Mobile Printer. Bloomingdales customers and passerby can now experience the storefront window display which was designed in collaboration with the House of Gaga, and they can even have some fun by […]