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    AViiQ Portable Quick Stand is Anorexic and Pink

    For AViiQ, thin is always in. So that of-course applies to their latest laptop stand. Their new Portable Quick Stand is a truly ultra compact yet stylish laptop stand. Retailing for just under $39.99, this origami inspired stand is both foldable and durable by being made out of Hylite material.

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    AluStand Aluminium Stand for Laptops and MacBook Pro Unibody Review

    The AluStand is an aluminum stand designed for both Mac and PCs, but its design is really aimed at perfectly complimenting the MacBook Pro unibodies.  This very attractive stand helps you keep an ergonomic sitting position while working by keeping your laptop’s display at eye level. Personally, I love my MacBook Pro, but I find […]

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    Mantis Notebook Arm is Kind of Scary, but Very Ergonomic

    The Mantis Notebook Arm from LapWorks isn’t the most attractive thing you’ll want to put in your living room, or any other room for that matter, but it certainly is a great stand if you’re looking for a laptop stand that can fit into just about every position possible. The stand is made of an […]