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    Coach’s Leopard Print Headphones and Speakers Are Super Haute

    Leopard print? You know we’re on it. Harman Kardon and Coach collaborated to create a couple new designs for Harman’s Soho Wireless headphones and Esquire Mini Bluetooth speaker. We were already big fans of both, and the leopard print just puts them over the top. Both the Soho Wireless and the Esquire Mini got the […]

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    Tyla Rae Paula Laptop Bag Review

    Over the past couple of years, many accessory companies have come out with laptop bags and gadget bags designed for women, but newcomer Tyla Rae is certainly a breath of fresh air. For starters, their designs scream fashion first, as opposed to gadget first. Their selection of cases and bags include laptop bags, iPad / […]

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    Phubby’s Hip Cubby So You Can Wear Your Phone as a Skirt

    Phubby’s new Hip Cubby isn’t just another cell phone accessory pouch. It’s a cell phone holder that you wear like a wrap around skirt!  The idea here is that the Phubby design allows you to always feel the phone “vibrate”, it offers quick access for active people, and with the Hip Cubby, you wont easily […]

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    GelaSkins for the iPhone and Macbook Review

    What makes GelaSkins different than other companies offering skins for your gadgets? Gelaskins collection is made up of exclusive art by unique artists – you’re not going to find something ordinary like a leopard print or a plain solid color or even a pop icon like Homer Simpson. Instead GelaSkins offers a selection of unique […]

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    NTFS for Mac OS X is a Must Have for Boot Camp Users

    Boot Camp is a very powerful tool but it has its limits. For instance, if you’re using the Windows side of the computer, you can’t read, write and access the Mac side. That is where the software Mac Drive comes in, it allows you to read/write and access your Mac drive from your windows drive, […]

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    Maxtor Shared Storage II Networked Hard Drive Review

    I guess it comes along with the territory that I have lots of computers. So when you have that many you tend to save documents and images separately on all of them. Which makes it very frustrating when you are trying to work with a document and it’s on another computer. It’s a terrible unorganized […]