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    LG V30 First Impressions

    For the past few years, the LG V series has stood out as LG’s high-end multimedia phone, excelling in audio and video. They’ve also used the V series to experiment with some other ideas daring enough to not be fit for the mainstream G series — things like the second screen strip that functioned as a […]

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    LG is Offering a Second Year on Their G6 Warranty for Free, and Current Owners Can Still Get in On It

    Considering that the average smartphone gets used for two years, maybe, it’s no surprise that we haven’t seen many two-year warranties on smartphones until now. But, now that smartphones aren’t a growth market anymore, more and more people are settling down with their smartphones for longer amounts of time. Most of the players in premium smartphones […]

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    LG Tone Free True Wireless Earbuds Review

    Ever since the likes of Bragi and Earin introduced us to true wireless earbuds, we’ve seen a deluge of competition from giants like Apple, Samsung, and Jabra to crowdfunded efforts like Skybuds. We’ve gotten to try a handful of them over the past year or so, but none of the products on the market have satisfactorily […]

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    The LG X Venture is an Affordable, Fully Waterproof Budget Phone

    Ready for adventure? So is LG’s latest smartphone. Today they announced the X Venture, a 5.2″ low-cost Android 7.0 phone that sacrifices high-end specs for a tough as nails build and monster battery life. If you’re looking for a phone to take with you on extended camping trips, that might be a sacrifice worth making. […]

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    LG G6 Review: Insanely Great

    LG has a problem. Despite some great products, it continues to play second fiddle to fellow Korean giant Samsung. This is particularly true with phones. Last year’s G5 wasn’t a bad flagship, but LG’s modular approach made too many compromises in areas that really mattered, like materials and build quality. The result was a gimmicky […]

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    LG G6 Fits a Big Screen into a Lovely Compact Body

    LG is going big at Mobile World Congress 2017. At the Barcelona show today, the company announced their 2017 flagship smartphone, the LG G6, and it’s a significant departure from last year’s G5 — a phone that took some risks that, ultimately, didn’t pay off. The G5’s marquee feature was a battery module that could be […]

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    The LG Smart InstaView is the First Amazon Alexa Refrigerator

    No one ever stays on top for long. Samsung’s being one-upped in the smart refrigerator game by LG, thanks to a new fridge with a bigger display and support for Amazon Alexa. Soon, you’ll be asking Alexa to order groceries for you from the comfort of your kitchen. Who needs to go outside, anyway? The […]

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    LG’s Latest OLED TV Might as Well Be Wallpaper

    If there was any doubt about which company was going to rule TVs at CES 2017, it’s gone. LG has announced their 2017 line of TVs, and it’s headlined by the W7 Signature — the flexible OLED panel is so thin (thinner than any smartphone), it can only be mounted (looks more like affixed) to the […]

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    LG V20 Review: Multimedia Powerhouse

    When LG launched the V10 last year we were pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t just a bigger version of the company’s impressive G4, but a phone with a uniquely rugged design, a secondary screen, dual selfie cameras, and advanced multimedia features. Things are different this year. LG arguably missed the mark with the G5, a fine […]

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    The LG V20 is Their Latest Media Powerhouse of a Smartphone

    LG’s fall smartphone release is here, and it’s a follow-up to the audio/video monster that was the V10. The V20 sees a physical redesign and even more in the way of audio and video features, as well as a continued commitment to the replaceable battery (but not the modularity) established by the LG G5. And, LG […]

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    Best of IFA 2016

    Berlin’s big technology bash is just about over, with the big announcements already in the bag. We’ve seen the usual suspects’ last pushes before the holiday shopping season, and while this year was a little lighter on the new and exciting, there was still plenty here certain to wind up on more than a few […]

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    LG G5 Review – A Flagship With Unique Tricks

    Differentiation is tough in the 2016 smartphone market. Just about every flagship Android smartphone looks the same on the inside, forcing smartphone makers to bank on camera upgrades and physical design to get an advantage on the competition. With the G5, LG took a different approach by addressing a very vocal contingent of Android users […]

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    LG G5 First Impressions

    The LG G5 is one phone in the increasingly large crowd of flagship Android phones vying for attention and trying to knock Samsung off its perch. It’s also the most unique one, thanks to a removable bottom section that lets you swap out the battery, despite the G5 not having a removable back. After its […]