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    MacBook Selfie Stick is an Accident Waiting to Happen

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before — someone made an artistic statement about vanity and isolation in the selfie age. This time, artists Moises, John Yuyi, and Tom Galle made a particularly robust selfie stick designed for the MacBook, then went around New York City taking pictures of people using the stick to […]

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    Here’s A Way To Make Your MacBook Charger Into A Work Of Art

    Maybe, just maybe, we’re in the twilight of the heyday of plain white minimalism. More and more, artistically-inclined people are finding ways to dress up Apple’s trademark and increasingly bland look, and that’s trickling down all the way to the wall chargers. Those brick chargers for MacBooks that you usually don’t give a second thought […]

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    Get the 12-inch MacBook in Any Color You Want – Even Pink

    It’s almost back-to-school time where everyone in class will be showing off their new gadgets like the ultra-slim 12-inch MacBook in Gold, so why not stand out from the crowd of conformists with your own custom colored MacBook from ColorWare? Think of ColorWare as the shop that you’d take your car to get it tricked […]

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    This Guy’s eBay Auction Ended Very Badly

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before—someone buys a high-priced item on eBay and gets sent a picture of that item, along with the realization that the auction page was worded just carefully enough to not be an outright lie. It’s a nasty old trick, and it sure looks like it’s happened to another […]

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    Satechi F1 is a Monitor Stand That Makes Sense

    So, not all of us have desks and comfortable chairs. Some don’t have the funds for that kind of furniture, some just don’t have the space. So, there’s work to be done, and beds, couches, and coffee tables to do it on. Less than comfortable – the back is bent in ways that backs should […]

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    Seagate FreeAgent Desk for Mac Review

    The new Seagate FreeAgent Desk for Mac has been designed specifically with Mac users in mind. Its modern silver and white aesthetics have been sculpted to blend in seamlessly with your current Mac set up whether it be an iMac, a Mac Pro or a Macbook Pro. Overall the drive is a nice size for […]

  • Seagate’s New FreeAgent Hard Drives With Mac Aesthetics

    Seagate unleashed a slew of new hard drives today ranging from high capacity external drives for your desktop to super portable devices that will go well nicely with your Macbook Pro. We’ll get a hands-on with them on tuesday but in the meanwhile check out the specs on all of these new affordable hard drives, […]

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    GelaSkins for the iPhone and Macbook Review

    What makes GelaSkins different than other companies offering skins for your gadgets? Gelaskins collection is made up of exclusive art by unique artists – you’re not going to find something ordinary like a leopard print or a plain solid color or even a pop icon like Homer Simpson. Instead GelaSkins offers a selection of unique […]

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    How to Really Fix Your Overheating Macbook Air

    I was taken with the Macbook Air from the moment Steve brought it out on stage. But after I finally brought it home from the Apple Store my love affair ended really quickly. I was experiencing system hiccups, freezing and overheating. I couldn’t watch a YouTube video or work on a Word document without the […]

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    SpaceNavigator for Notebooks Review

    It is a pretty well known fact that the typical optical mouse can be a trying to work with in 3D environments. You just don’t have that much flexibility to rotate items or pan smoothly. Especially when it comes to being on the road and you only have your dedicated laptop trackpad, it can be […]