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    MAC is Creating an Ice Cream-Inspired Makeup Collection

    You know when you are eating ice cream and thinking wouldn’t it be great if there was some makeup involved with this experience too? No, well yeah, okay. But someone else thought that those two things should go together. In fact three major makeup companies are working on ice cream-themed makeup collections. MAC announced their […]

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    This App Creates Personalized Cosmetics for You in Minutes

    We’ve seen plenty of apps that scan your skin tone to find matching cosmetics, nail polish, or hair dye, but MATCHCo takes it to another level. Not only will their app scan your skin tone, it’ll be able to analyze the data received and put in an order for custom-made cosmetics. The app uses the […]

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    Try on Makeup Before You Buy – With TryItOn App

    Beauty is getting smarter all the time — the latest app bringing health and beauty into the future is TryItOn Makeup, a simple app that works with major cosmetics brands to let you preview how products will look on your face before you buy. Next time you’re at the cosmetics counter and don’t really want […]

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    Simpsons MAC Makeup, Because We all Want to Resemble Marge

    San Diego Comic Con is always the source of weird and wonderful collaborations. We usually get to see the occasional comic book crossover, or maybe some new flash drives. Rote stuff by now. But a new cosmetics line from MAC debuting at the Con? Brave new world we’re living in. During SDCC this year, MAC […]

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    Microsoft Surface Lands at Clinique in Bloomingdale’s

    The Clinique counter at Bloomingdale’s flagship store in NYC is the latest retail space to now offer the Microsoft Surface experience. Microsoft’s Surface table has been integrated in Clinique’s Smart Bar as a new interactive way to experience the Clinique products. Customers can place specially tagged Clinique products on Microsoft Surface in order to access […]

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    Ice Red Drift Laptop Messenger Bag Review

    Ice Red’s “Drift” is a messenger bag that can also masquerade as a laptop bag. The Drift bag is very versatile and exhibits sporty chic appeal with utmost utility. Unlike many other laptop bags, this one is overflowing with usable space. It is a great option for those who find laptop bags too confining. Most […]