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    The First Photos from Mary Poppins Returns are Here

    EW released the first production photos from the long awaited Mary Poppins Returns which is filming now.  The photos show Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt in costume as Jack and Mary Poppins. There is also a great photo of Cherry Tree Lane, where Mary Poppins first encountered the Banks children Jane and Michael. In Mary […]

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    Disney Plays it Coy With First Shot of Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins

    After the cast of the Mary Poppins sequel came together last year, it looks like filming has gotten underway. Time for set shots! Entertainment Weekly got the exclusive first look, with a shot of Emily Blunt in the title role (and in one of surely many amazing outfits). With this sequel taking place during the Great Depression, it’s […]

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    Meryl Streep Might be Joining the Cast of the New Mary Poppins Movie

    We’re getting to be pretty wary of sequels and reboots around here, but we’d be lying if we didn’t say, appropriately enough, that our hopes are floating high with Mary Poppins Returns. The original, as per usual these days, didn’t really beg a sequel, but if we must have one, it’s nice to know it’s being […]