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    Hologram Barbie is Cooler than Siri and Alexa Combined

    Barbie has not been messing around during Toy Fair lately. A couple years ago, Mattel showed off the Hello Barbie doll, which had natural voice recognition, and last year Barbie got her own voice-activated smart house. She’s no less tech savvy this year — she’s now going holographic. Hologram Barbie isn’t actually a doll — the toy itself […]

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    Plus-Size Supermodel Ashley Graham Gets Her Own Proportional Barbie Doll

    Barbie’s gone through a lot of changes the past few years. Faced with mounting criticism of the doll’s unrealistic proportions and narrow appeal, Mattel introduced Barbie dolls of various body types and skin tones. The message was that Barbie is becoming a doll for every girl — the company took pains to note that all the […]

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    Bloxels Helps Kids Build Their Own Video Games

    Ever play a video game and think of all the ways you could make it better, or just completely different? Well now you can. Bloxels, in a partnership with Mattel, has launched a new hands-on technology that enables kids (but you know adults will want in on to) to build, design, play and share their very […]

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    Mattel is Making Star Trek Barbie Dolls

    It’s the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, and everyone wants in on the action. You’d better believe that includes Mattel, which is now showing off three new dolls that are pretty much mandatory purchases for collectors, or for any Star Trek fan, really. Spock, Kirk, and Uhura are all getting their own Barbie dolls, and […]

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    ThingMaker is a $300 3D Printer For Kids That Makes Toys

    The two things holding 3D printers back from mainstream adoption is cost and relative difficulty of use. While they have been going down in price, it looks like both of those problems will finally be solved in 2016 — and everyone under the age of 13 stands to benefit the most. Late this year, Mattel […]

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    Spaghetti Chef Barbie Makes Her Own Pasta

    We saw Barbie move into the presidential race and into gymnastics coaching as part of her Careers line of dolls, but there’s one more doll coming out that deserves our attention. This year, Barbie will also become a chef cooking up spaghetti and meatballs. “But everyone can cook spaghetti and meatballs!” you say, understandably. Well, […]

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    Barbie Flippin’ Fun Gymnast Performs Her Own Acrobatics

    Barbie can and does do everything. This has been established, and we don’t need to belabor the point. The important part is which skills she decides to show us every year, and it looks like in 2016, one of those skills is going to be passing down skills to the next generation. In other words, […]

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    Barbie Is Running For President

    Finally, a candidate we can endorse! Barbie was at the 2016 New York Toy Fair to formally announce that she’s throwing her tiny hat into the ring to become the leader of the free world. We unironically could do worse. Presidential candidate Barbie is coming in a two-doll set, which includes the candidate herself in […]

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    Barbie Hello Dreamhouse is Barbie’s First Smart House

    You’ll probably remember Hello Barbie from last year, if for no other reason than she seemed to make a bunch of people really mad. Well, the quasi-cyborg Barbie of last year wasn’t at the 2016 New York Toy Fair last weekend, but Mattel hasn’t given up on the Hello thing. This year, they brought along […]

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    RC Hoverboard Barbie Flies on a Real Hoverboard

    Ugh, of course Barbie would get a real, honest hoverboard before the rest of us. Here at the New York Toy Fair, Mattel is demonstrating the Barbie Star Light Adventure RC Hoverboard, and no, there are absolutely no wheels involved. You can see from the video what the deal is — Barbie’s basically hitching a […]

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    Barbie Finally Gets a Realistic Curvy Body Makeover

    After decades of criticism over Barbie’s body shape, Mattel is finally ready to reveal several new body types with more realistic proportions. Curvy, petite, and tall versions of Barbie will now be sold alongside the classic doll, beginning a new and very uncertain era for the brand as it tries to stay relevant to a […]

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    Giddy Up! Watch Barbie Mount a Horse by Herself

    As we know, Barbie has a faithful horse named Tawny. The two have been on many toy shelves together, in the ultimate act of bonding. But, this year’s pairing promises to be better than ever, because we’re getting some genuine galloping action. There’s a lot going on with the Barbie Saddle ‘N Ride Horse & […]

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    It’s a Miracle – Barbie Can Finally Wear Flat Shoes!

    At long last, in the year 2015, Barbie can finally get a little more comfortable. Barbie’s career this year is film director, and she’s heading onto the set in a pair of black flats instead of her heels. Sounds like she won’t be sitting in that director’s chair much. Of course, she’ll still come with […]

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    Barbie Digital Makeover Review

    At some point most little girls are going to want to play with their mom’s makeup, sometimes making quite a mess. The Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror makes it easy and fun for your daughter to test out thousands of makeup combinations, without all that mess. Setup is fairly straightforward. First you’ll need to download the […]

  • Double Loop Dare at X-Games

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    Mattel’s Hot Wheels Defies Gravity at X Games 2012

    Hot Wheels has done what many have only dreamed of as children… taking one of the most popular toys of all time and implementing it into real life. Despite the law of gravity, Team Hot Wheels defied it and set a Guinness World Record for successfully racing through a 60-foot-tall double vertical loop at X […]