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    HyperX Alloy FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

    Click clack, click clack — the sounds a mechanical keyboard makes when you type on one. Typing on a mechanical keyboard is similar to typing on a typewriter, and the feelings your fingers get to experience is simply exquisite. The Alloy FPS mechanical keyboard created by HyperX is nothing short of phenomenal. The Alloy FPS was […]

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    Tesoro Gram Spectrum Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

    Mechanical keyboards! They’re the best, at least if you’re an avid gamer or writer. Unlike shallower scissor-style key switches (see, the MacBook) or silicone dome switches, good old mechanical switches feature more key travel, are far more durable, and tend to be far more accurate and reliable for typists and gamers. Roommates probably won’t like […]