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    How She Made It: An Interview With Ava CEO Lea von Bidder

    In 2014, Lea von Bidder co-founded Ava with the goal of making it simpler for women to track their fertility window while trying to become pregnant. Ava did just that in 2016, releasing their wrist-worn fertility tracker – a device that, in combination with an app, calculates and tracks levels of hormones like estradiol to […]

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    This Connected Glove Can Make Stroke Rehab Fun

    For stroke patients, rehab can be just as challenging mentally as physically. The frustration of the body not doing what the mind wants combined with repetitive tasks can make patients give up. That’s prompted a company called Neofect to spend years developing a way to make rehab fun — and more effective. The result of their […]

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    Lumiwave Review: Heal Faster With the Help of Infrared Light

    If only we all had the healing powers of toddlers! Lumiwave is a first-ever affordable infrared light therapy device being sold directly to consumers. This kind of tech was formerly only seen in very expensive machines in high-end athletic physical therapy and pain clinics. We got to try it out and were very impressed with […]

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    Australian-Made Bionic Spine Could Help The Paralyzed Walk Again

    As always, the very coolest research in tech is being done in the medical field. Today, word’s getting out about an exciting new procedure that could help those paralyzed walk with the help of bionics and exoskeletons. It’s elegant, minimally invasive, and human trials could start as soon as next year. The procedure was developed […]