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    Could a Coach x Disney Collaboration Be Coming Later This Year?

    Not much to go on yet, but rumblings from around the internet suggest something big is coming in the world of designer handbags and accessories. It’s virtually a sure thing that Coach has something big planned for their 75th anniversary this year, and rumor has it that that something big is a collaboration with Disney […]

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    Rainbow Dazzle Minnie Sings Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors

    Minnie Mouse is showing off her singing chops along with her unmatched fashion sense this year. Rainbow Dazzle Minnie rocks a light-up outfit that can change colors, and she sings a Cyndi Lauper song. They went with the obvious choice. While I guess there’s never a bad time to go with “Girls Just Want to […]

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    Hands on With Disney’s Epic Mickey for Wii

    One of the big highlights from New York’s Comic-Con this weekend has to be our demo of  Epic Mickey for Wii. Disney’s Epic Mickey has the potential to be the hottest game this holiday season. It features Mickey in a much darker setting then we’re used to seeing him. He’s stuck in ‘Wasteland’, a world […]

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    Hands on With Disney’s Netpal Netbook for Little Princesses

    The Disney Netpal is a collaboration between Asus and Disney to bring you the Eeepc netbook, but reimagined especially for kids. The netbook is branded with the Eeepc logo but painted over with pink swirls, so that it’s perfect for any little budding princess. It also has a webcam in the shape of Mickey Mouse. […]