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    MommyTech TV – Hands on with MySkin, The Skin Tracker For Your Face

    The tech industry’s just trying to put everyone out of business these days. Now, dermatologists might just start feeling the heat from devices like MySkin’s OKU, the first smart skin coach. Like most smart devices, OKU combines a device packed with sensors and an app that records, digests, and analyzes data. It’s become a very […]

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    MommyTech TV – Fable is the Perfect Tablet for Kids

    The tablet market is far enough along to where even the kids tablet race is getting pretty crowded. We have VTech, LeapFrog, and countless others vying for the attention of the youngest of tech adopters among us, but Isabella Products thinks they have something special in their new Fable tablet. Matthew Growney of Isabella Products […]

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    MommyTech TV – We Take a Look at Whirlpool’s Smart Countertop

    What does the kitchen of the future look like? You might want to think bigger than just a bunch more smart home appliances, because Whirlpool has other plans. Jon Hall of Whirlpool took MommyTech TV’s Andrea Smith through the company’s booth, showing off their idea for the connected kitchen. Whirlpool’s concept countertop is designed to […]

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    MommyTech TV – SAFE a Smart Wristband for Kids

    We saw a lot of new wearables at CES 2015 this year, but one of our favorites was the Paxie Band from SAFE. It’s a smart wristband for kids that keeps them safe while giving parents peace of mind without spying on their kids too much. The Paxie Band has a built-in GPS device that […]

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    MommyTech TV – LG Talks Washing Machines and Refrigerators

    LG was making us all see double at CES 2015, and it wasn’t because of the white-hot intensity of their ultra-HD televisions. No, we’re talking home appliances, and yes, believe it or not, we’re very excited about the new washing machine and refrigerator they were showing off at their booth. Dave VanderWaal of LG gave […]

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    MommyTech TV- Toca Boca Will Turn Your Kids Into a MasterChef

    Toca Boca has been one of many app developers taking the lead in creating fun, kid-friendly apps that focus on open-ended play. One of their most popular creations is Toca Kitchen, an app that lets little ones cook up whatever (really, whatever) they can imagine, before getting the judgment from some very brave animated taste […]

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    MommyTech TV – Speck Talks Cases And What’s Next in 2015

    Speck was around during the big bang of the smartphone case industry, and all these years later, they’re still going strong. Lindsay Anne Aamodt of Speck was at CES 2015 and told MommyTech TV’s Andrea Smith all about what we can expect from Speck in the year to come. What we can expect is more […]

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    MommyTech TV – Perfect Bake Could Turn you into a Master Baker

    Tech and baking are a natural pair. Both require rigorous methods and expertise to produce, and now both are working together to make baking a little easier for everyone. Perfect Bake is a weight-based baking system with a handy app that simplifies the baking process, no matter how well stocked your kitchen is. Darin Barry […]

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    MommyTech TV – Goodbye Google Glass, Hello Faux!

    You might remember Faux Glass from last October, when the IndieGogo campaign for the Google Glass spoof kicked off. Well, as promised, the brains behind the project—Robin Raskin and John Wilczak—were at CES 2015 to show off their blinking, flashing, and proudly useless send-up, telling MommyTech TV’s Andrea Smith all about it. Faux Glass is […]

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    MommyTech TV – Techie Moms Pick Their Fav Products at CES 2015

    At CES 2015, we saw smart tech take a family turn, with tons of gadgets that help make the entire family’s lives easier. Andrea Smith of MommyTech TV talked with Liz Gumbinner of Cool Mom Tech, Beth Blecherman of TechMamas.com, and Lori Cunningham of Well Connected Mom about the outpouring of family-friendly tech found on […]

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    MommyTech TV – Withings CEO Cédric Hutchings Talks Wearables and More

    All these new smart health devices are great and all, but is it really worth it if they aren’t smart enough to work together? There’s not much point trying to quantify your health if managing all of these devices starts being a time drain on a daily basis—it’s probably a reason so many people ditch […]

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    MommyTech TV – Johnny 5 is Real Kids!

    Wondering what happened to Erector sets? The building toy was low-key for a while before bursting onto the stage at CES this year with Meccanoid. That’s right—the kids of today will be building robots with their Erector sets. In fact, this one look likes the real Johnny 5 (the robot from the movie Short Circuit […]