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    BenQ Shows off 35-inch Curved XR3501 Gaming Monitor

    The official gaming monitor sponsor of Major League Gaming can’t show up to E3 empty-handed, can it? BenQ is at E3 this week with a massive new gaming monitor set to ship sometime this summer. The ultra-wide screen 35″ XR3501 gaming monitor has a 21:9 aspect ratio and a 2,000R curvature that BenQ claims is […]

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    Samsung UD590 is a 28″ Monitor with 4K of Goodness

    Samsung is shrinking down their 4k technology, and bringing it to market in monitor form. The UD590, Samsung’s upcoming 28” monitor, will have a good many of the features you’d find on their televisions, and it’s going to arrive sooner rather than later. The UD590 has a 28” 4k (3840 x 2160) display, along with […]

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    Lenovo ThinkVision 28 is a Smart Display Running Android

    The Lenovo ThinkVision 28 (initials are TV – coincidence? I think not) is pretty much a smart TV, just without the TV part. How does that work? Simple – it’s your standard monitor, which just so happens to run Android. OK, maybe not standard. This monitor features a 28” display rocking 4k-level quality at 3840 […]

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    BenQ EW40 Series Monitors Can Connect to Smartphones

    ‘Tis the season for brand new 1080p monitors from BenQ. Their EW40 line is out to give videos stored on your mobile device a brand new, revitalized life on the big screen. The EW40 line, which includes a 24” and 27” monitor, features an MHL port, a new standard for mobile devices that has a […]

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    GeChic On-Lap 1301 Portable Monitor Review

    Once you use dual monitors, it’s not easy going back. The improved productivity, and extra screen real-estate, really spoils you. Until recently, there was no easy way to extend the luxury of dual monitors to your laptop in a portable fashion. The GeChic On-Lap 1301 allows you to use a dual screen on just about […]

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    Next Gen Microsoft Surface, the Samsung SUR40 Goes on Sale

    Remember Microsoft Surface? Way before the iPad and the tablet crazy began, Microsoft Surface was busy wowing folks with its larger than life touchscreen experience. Now the next generation of Microsoft Surface is available for preorder, courtesy of the Samsung SUR40. The SUR40 features PixelSense technology which gives the LCD panels in Surface the ability […]

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    Sanyo Unleashes Affordable Xacti Feature Rich HD Camcorders

    Today Sanyo unveiled a whole slew of new Xacti HD camcorders, all of which are priced very competitively and are sporting a well rounded feature set. Some of the new Xacti cameras are surprisingly sporting a more traditional horizontal camcorder form factor, which is a deviation from the Xacti’s previous vertical models. However some of […]

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    Sneak Preview at Cool Upcoming Tech from AMD

    AMD has some innovative new products and technologies coming out soon and we got a sneak preview at them. First up is the upcoming Maingear Axcess HD Media Center, which isn’t just your average home entertainment media center PC. The Maingear Axcess HD Media Center is not just made to fit in with your AV […]

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    Philips Skype Web Cam Review

    It’s amazing how the web cam and the technology behind it has evolved over the years; from being a device that produced mediocre video at best to its present day incarnation of delivering crystal clear video and breath taking crisp pictures. It is safe to say, that web cams are very much at the forefront […]

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    Kensington Notebook Stand with USB 2.0 Review

    I enjoy the convenience of using a laptop computer; from composing this story from the confines of my sofa or surfing the web, a laptop computer gives you the choice of complete portability. However, there are times that I wish my laptop PC had the functionality of a full sized workstation PC. I found Kensington’s […]