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    Meet the Three New Monopoly Tokens, T-Rex Included

    Earlier this year, we heard about Monopoly getting the ultimate shakeup — a vote for an all-new set of tokens, with none of the existing eight guaranteed to survive. As we figured, the thimble was the first to go. But, the madness didn’t stop there. After 4.3 million votes, the official results are out today, and […]

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    The Thimble is No Longer a Monopoly Token

    As much as I’d like to brag about calling the demise of the thimble last month, it was just too easy of a call to make. When Monopoly started their Token Madness vote, they lumped in their eight existing tokens with dozens of potential new ones, giving fans the opportunity to vote for their favorites […]

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    Monopoly Brazenly Puts Their Tokens to a Vote

    Header image: Gizmodo/Andrew Liszewski In what is accurately being called madness by the people behind Monopoly themselves, a sweeping vote is being held this month that could change the game as we know it. That’s no overstatement, either — they’ve pooled all eight tokens currently in use with a huge field of 64, and the eight […]

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    Cat-Opoly is the Most Purrfect Version of Monopoly Yet

    It may be that no board game has ever had as many variations as Monopoly. Granted, they’re not so much variations as they are reskins, but it’s hard not to appreciate all the little special edition tokens that come along for the ride (we’re partial to the Coach set). Today, we’ve caught wind of an […]