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    Moshi Vacanza Weekender Laptop Bag Review

    Moshi is primarily known for battery packs and phone cases, but they also make some pretty mean bags. They have brought their thoughtful design touch to the Vacanza (rhymes with Costanza) weekender laptop bag. The Moshi Vacanza Weekender Laptop Bag is so well thought out with so many versatile features, you almost forget some of them […]

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    Moshi Mythro Air Wireless In-Ear Headphones Review

    Moshi is relatively new to audio, but they’ve gotten off to a good start. Their Avanti on-ear headphones combined excellent design with above average audio, and was one of our favorites this year for the price. In September, Moshi announced their first wireless audio products — the Mythro Air and the Vortex Air. These Bluetooth […]

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    Moshi Avanti On-Ear Headphones Review

    It’s tough to make a good pair of on-ear headphones. Caught in between on-the-go in-ears and the more sound quality-conscious over-ears, they’re expected to deliver the best (or at least the pretty good) of both worlds. They make ideal flight headphones for those who don’t want to shell out a lot of cash for premium […]

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    A Little Rain or Snow Won’t Hurt the Moshi Venturo Bag

    The Moshi Venturo looks like the ideal backpack of the present—room for all your gadgets, plus a little extra protection from the elements. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Moshi has gotten the looks down. The Venturo is made of fabric, and is done up in the style of a laptop bag. It’s meant to […]

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    Moshi Mythros Earbuds and Ionbank 10K Keeps You Juiced

    Moshi is highlighting this year at CES a pair of Mythros canal-fit earbuds, that sport a new “burn-in” technology. Burning and ears don’t really sound like they go together do they? But this tech claims to wear in your headphones the way shoes need to be. It makes them perfom at optimum from the get […]

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    Moshi’s Luna Keyboard Takes Illumination Lessons from Tron

    CES 2012 saw Moshi light up with Luna, an illuminated keyboard that lights up both day and night. It features laser-etched illuminated keys with adjustable brightness levels. The keys themselves boast near silence and ultimate touch response time with what they call “optimized scissor-key mechanisms.” It is trimmed with a clear acrylic frame that is […]