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    Republic Wireless Moto X Review

    We first reviewed Republic Wireless back in 2013. The company made waves by being the first company to offer a crazy affordable unlimited talk, text, data plan for just $19.99 a month. But our biggest issue with their service was the lack of solid handsets. Nearly a year later the company has introduced new handset […]

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    Moto G is Looking to Capture the Emerging Markets

    The Google-Motorola complex is releasing a brand-new budget phone, although it sounds like they would probably chafe at that title being attached to the Moto G. Instead, Motorola is celebrating the Moto G as a low-cost phone that doesn’t sacrifice specs. That’s true enough of the Moto G. The display is the same 720p display […]

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    SOL Republic DECK Wireless Speaker Review

    SOL Republic’s first speaker, DECK, first launched alongside Motorola’s customizable Moto X smartphone. So like with SOL Republic’s other products, it’s designed to compliment the colorful Moto X. DECK sports a somewhat unusual flat and slim, but attractive design, with the SOL Republic logo emblazoned on its face. And the logo has a special trick, […]

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    Incipio Rolls Out Moto X Cases

    If you’re planning on picking up a Moto X in the near future, you might also want to pick up a case. Well, Incipio is so excited about the new phone’s release that they’re producing eight different cases for you to choose from.