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    Vi Sees! Norway Saying Goodbye to FM Radio in 2017

    The end is nigh for FM radio. On January 11, 2017, Norway will become the first country to switch off all FM radio broadcasts, clearing the way for the fertile lands of DAB and digital radio. Much of the world, including the United States, has already finished the transition from analog to all-digital television broadcasts, […]

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    Retro Inspired Radio Will Make You Think it’s 1975

    Few things are as proven – take modern technology, make it look a few decades old, and you have a winner. The QFX High Sensitive World Receiver Stereo (I think maybe they messed up the name, but I’m working with what I have) is just that – a speaker designed to look like an old […]

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    Beats Music Goes Live on January 21st

      Yup, it’s another streaming music service. But, before you roll your eyes, know this – Beats Music does manage to try some new things with their take on on-demand music, especially with how they curate new playlists. Beats Music, which will officially launch on January 21, will offer a music library filled with millions […]

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    Make Like Lady Gaga On The Alesis Vortex Keytar

    Looks like the keyboardist in the band doesn’t need to stand still in the background anymore. With the Alesis Vortex keytar, the keyboardist can rock all around the stage with the rest of the band, thanks to many capabilities features that work to make the Vortex a fully functional keyboard on the move.

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    Playmysong Brings the Jukebox Back, No Dimes Required

    If you ever wanted to turn over control of your music playlist to your friends, Playmysong is available now and ready for you to download. Don’t worry, though – you won’t need to suffer someone trying to screw up your morning jog by pumping disco into your earbuds.

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    The Ultimate Tech Playlist for Your Labor Day Weekend

    We racked our brains and scoured our own playlists to come up with the top 15 tech songs for the long Labor Day weekend coming up. Be it in the title or somewhere buried in the lyrics, each of these songs was influenced by something techie. I’m sure we missed a few –  so please […]