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    The Women of NASA Have Been Transformed into LEGO Minifigs

    Lego did right by everyone when they started up Lego Ideas. Lego fans can submit their own dream sets (and possibly get a bit of cash if they become real), Lego has an endless supply of creative suggestions, and we all get some awesome new sets out of it in the end. The fan submission […]

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    NASA’s Juno Space Probe is Being Manned by Three Lego Minifigs

    Today, NASA announced that their Juno space probe had successfully started orbiting Jupiter, in the culmination of a journey that started five years ago. The probe will get much closer to the gas giant than we’ve ever been before, allowing NASA scientists to better understand both the planet and its many moons. We were also […]

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    NASA’s Female Astronauts Might Make It To Mars

    In 2013, Jessica Meir, Anne McClain, Christina Hammock Koch, and Nicole Aunapu Mann became one half of NASA’s latest class of astronauts, marking the first time a class of astronauts was half made up of women. It’s a good class to be in, too — they’ll be under consideration for a manned mission to Mars, […]

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    Watch the NASA Space Walk Stream Right Now

    Today, NASA gave everyone a glimpse into what it’s like up above the atmosphere on NASA Television, which you should definitely check out. Today, they streamed part of a six-and-a-half hour spacewalk, as two astronauts set about routing cables to prepare for a couple new parts to be delivered soon to the International Space Station. […]

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    Nasa Spreads Intergalactic Holiday Cheer

    NASA is throwing their own Festival of Lights, with two new images awash in brilliant colors and awe-inspiring swirls that reveal the staggeringly immense beauty of outer space. The green-tinted cloud is Barnard 3, an interstellar cloud where new stars are being formed in countless numbers. NASA’s Cosmic Ornament is a bright white star surrounded […]

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    Has Nasa Found Earth Part Deux in Kepler-22b?

    The universe is unfathomably large, so much so that you would think there are countless planets out there like our own, perfectly suited for supporting life. But, proof has been elusive – never before has there been confirmation of a planet other than our own in the habitable zone, the right distance that is neither […]