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    Microsoft Releases NFL Team Type Covers for the Surface Pro

    The NFL season is about to get underway (does it ever really end?), and this year, Microsoft has a little something for football fans and Surface Pro owners. They’ve made Surface Pro Type Covers for all 32 NFL teams, avoiding the temptation to just make a Seahawks cover and call it a day. Microsoft Stores […]

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    NFL Coaches Are Yelling Into Some Heavy-Duty Bose Headsets This Year

    If you were watching last week’s Thursday night NFL game at Giants (MetLife) Stadium, you may have noticed the headsets the coaches were wearing on the sidelines. Turns out, those are special models made just for the NFL thanks to its ongoing partnership with Bose, and they’re packing some heavy-duty tech.  The Bose NFL headsets […]

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    NFL Jerseys Get a Skimpy Makeover

    Respect for women is maybe not football’s strength right now. But, what the hell, let’s have sexy NFL jerseys anyway. Apparently, the official form-fitting jerseys made already made for women are neither form-fitting nor for women enough for Papi Girl, which is putting out a brand new line of skimpy football jerseys just for you, […]