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    Nike’s Latest Acquisition Could Change How You Shop for Shoes

    We’ve seen a lot of stores realize that while the physical store isn’t dead, it does need to change with the help of technology. Makes sense that Nike would be on board! We’ve seen them use radical new robotics technology to change the way they make shoes, along with a successful partnership with Apple and […]

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    Static Electricity Robots are Helping Nike Pump Out Sneakers Way Faster

    Usually when we hear about robots coming for jobs, we’re reassured by the voices telling us that there are still plenty of jobs robots won’t be able to do. Unfortunately, that reassurance has a nasty habit of not lasting very long. Case in point: the sneaker business. Robots have been used in shoe manufacturing for […]

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    Nike Self-Lacing HyperAdapt 1.0 Sneakers to Become Available December 1

    Last year, Nike celebrated Back to the Future day by sending Michael J. Fox a genuine working pair of Nike Mags with power laces, making one of Back to the Future II‘s many predictions true. Not very many of those Mags were made, but Nike didn’t call it a day on self-lacing shoes, either. In March of this […]

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    Apple Watch is Getting a Series 2 and, More Importantly, Pokémon Go

    At Apple’s iPhone 7 event today, the company quickly dished out some Apple Watch news. In addition to a slight revamp (revamp might be too strong a word) in the upcoming Series 2, we got word that the Watch is about to make playing Pokémon Go even easier. Pokémon Go on the Apple Watch is a bit similar […]

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    Michael J. Fox Tries on the First REAL Nike Mags With Power Laces

    Back to the Future day was one full of disappointments, but at least we got one thing right — Marty McFly got his power lacing sneakers. On the 21st, Michael J. Fox got his 2015 Nike Mags — with power laces, unlike the 2011 version — along with a personal note from Nike designer Tinker […]

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    Hands-on with MOTOACTV (Photos) – Watch Out Nano 6G!

    Take Nike Plus, the iPod Nano 6G, and those Sony Ericsson Bluetooth watches from a few years back, and behold – you have the concept behind the MOTOACTV. This device is being described as a “a lightweight, wearable fitness performance tracker and smart music player rolled into one”. It’s not the typical product that you […]