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    Lenovo Legion Y920 Review – A Big, Bulky Gaming Laptop Powerhouse

    The Good: Terrific performance, beautiful display, overclockable GPU and CPU, doesn’t get too hot The Bad: Really short battery life, so-so audio, this particular mechanical keyboard feels strange, dated design, Wi-Fi connectivity issues Who it’s for: Pro gamers, aspiring pro gamers, VR enthusiasts, streamers The Short: The Lenovo Legion Y920 is a red-hot 1080p gaming laptop, even if it’s weighed […]

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    Esports and AI Pushed Computing to New Heights at Computex 2017

    With Moore’s Law changing and Intel taking longer to shrink their transistors, there’s been talk of silicon becoming a thing of the past in the semiconductor industry. If silicon’s days are indeed numbered, it looks like it’s going to go out with a bang — thanks to a couple brand new, lucrative, and very power hungry […]

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    The Nvidia Isaac Initiative Includes a Virtual Reality Academy for Robot AIs

    The most surreal and deeply fascinating moment of Computex 2017 took place yesterday during the Nvidia press conference, when over a dozen virtual robots tried to slap hockey pucks into nets. It was a demonstration of how autonomous cars will learn how to drive themselves in the future. We can explain! Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang was […]

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    Nvidia Max-Q Design Will Enable Light and Thin High-Performance Gaming Laptops

    Remember when you had to settle for a so-so gaming laptop because you really didn’t want to lug around a 12-pound behemoth? Nvidia just made that compromise unnecessary. At his Computex 2017 keynote in Taipei, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang revealed Max-Q, a new design approach to the company’s GPUs that enable shockingly thin and light […]