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    These Latest Office 365 Features Are Awesome News for Students

    This is the part where we get to complain about kids these days. Microsoft is pushing out a handful of new features to Office 365 this month, and while Outlook and PowerPoint are both getting decent upgrades, it’s the new toys being added to Word that are really going to make students’ lives easier. If […]

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    5 Long Overdue, Yet Amazing New Features in Office 2016

    Not too long ago, we looked at all the reasons why upgrading to Windows 10 is a pretty good idea. Well, we forgot one thing — all the goodies in Office 2016, which will soon be available to Windows 10 for Office 365 subscribers and, eventually, as a standalone product (but if you’re a 365 […]

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    If You’re a Student, You Might Be Able to Get Microsoft Office For Free

    University students already get a pretty sweet deal with Office 365 University, paying a one-time fee of $80 for a four-year subscription to Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity suite. But, some students out there might be eligible for an even sweeter deal — paying nothing at all. It’s called Office 365 Education for Students, and eligibility depends […]

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    Microsoft’s New Sway App is PowerPoint on Steroids

    PowerPoint — as useful it is, just the mention of the name has the affect of an Ambien. While it’s possible to make visually appealing, flowing presentations using PowerPoint, it takes a lot of familiarity with the program to pull off. Sway, Microsoft’s new cloud-based presentation app, set out to make it easy for anyone […]

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    Understanding Microsoft Office 365: A Brief Tour

    Thank you to Microsoft Office 365 for sponsoring this article. Learn more about how Microsoft Office 365 can improve productivity for your team at: Microsoft Office 365. I’d say we’re in the middle of a massive transition in the business world, but that seems too narrow in scope. The entire world is being transformed through […]