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    The Late Great Prince Now Has His Own Official Pantone Shade of Purple

    Pantone, perhaps the only body other than Crayola with the awesome power to will colors into existence, has worked their magic for the most magical of artists. In honor of Prince, the legendary musician who passed away unexpectedly in April of last year from an opioid overdose, Pantone and Prince’s estate have commissioned a new […]

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    Urbanears Plattan Headphones Review

    Urbanears headphones have been storming their way through the fashion world; you may have even seen them at Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, Urban Outfitters, Macy’s, or even being worn outside in the wild. We’ve been testing out the UrbanEars Plattans and it turns out they’re not just a trendy-looking pair of cans; there an all-around great pair […]

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    Pantone Socks Guarantee You Never Confuse Black with Navy Again

    For some fashionistas, matching your socks to your outfit is just as important as matching your shirt correctly. But how many times have you thrown on a navy blue pair thinking it is black? We’ve all been there. Before you make another fashion faux pas, grab some Pantone Socks. These socks are made from Pantone […]