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    The Occly Blinc Might Be the Only Personal Safety Gadget You Need

    We’ve seen a lot of personal safety devices over the past few years, but very few have claimed to cover as many bases as the Occly Blinc. As a personal safety device, it’s bigger and a lot less elegant than some of the more fashion-forward options we’ve covered, but it might be worth sacrificing form […]

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    Run Angel is a Wrist-Worn Alarm for Runners and Cyclists

    There are two kinds of personal safety gadgets — silent and loud. Run Angel is definitely the latter. The wristband blasts out a 120 dB siren with a press of a button, while also sending out texts and emails to trusted contacts. Unlike a few other personal safety wearables, Run Angel doesn’t try to pass for […]

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    This Smart Coaster Alerts You if Someone Tampers With Your Drink

    In personal safety tech, there’s never going to be one gadget that solves every problem. Fortunately, there are tons of gadgets and apps that can help in different situations, and now we can add Brio to the list. Brio isn’t the most sophisticated gadget we’ve seen, but the concept is simple and reliable enough to […]

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    This Simple Ring Could Help Keep Women Safe on the Streets

    One of the great things about wearables is the avenues they’ve opened up for personal safety. Way back before wearables took the tech scene by storm, we looked into the idea of using smartphone apps to help prevent sexual violence. One of the biggest shortcomings of those apps was that they necessitated using a smartphone […]

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    Cute Heart Keychain Has a Big Surprise for Would-Be Attackers

    Looks, as always, can be deceiving. On Blingsting.com, you can find a fun little keychain called the Ahh!-larm. Well, that’s the deceiving part, anyway. This heart is all business — it doubles as a deafening alarm that can startle or scare off predators or muggers late at night. The Ahh!-larm is more or less your […]