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    Torus Water Bowl for Pets Refills Itself

    This is where it’d be easy to sneer at the silliness of investing this much time and money into a pet bowl, but we can’t help but admit that the Torus Water Bowl is a pretty clever product — and one that really could keep pets healthy. Instead of all of the water being in the […]

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    SqueakNSnap Tricks Your Dog Into Smiling For The Camera

    If you’ve ever gotten a family photo taken by a professional and had an uncooperative toddler in tow, you’ve surely experienced the squeaky toy/cute stuffed animal method of getting kids to make eye contact with the camera, if only for a second. That most advanced of camera technologies is finally trickling down to the rest […]

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    Winter Fashion Advice From Dogs

    You’ll be Dachshund through the snow like a pro with these winter fashion tips! Who knew dogs could serve double duty as your best friend and your fashion guru? You can thank us later for surviving this winter in style. Leather jacket, fur hat, and aviators? This combination screams chic while remaining practical, leaving you […]

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    Holiday Gift Guide for Pets

    OK, now the pressure’s really on. Your best friend is going to be giving you the literal puppy dog eyes, and you’ve got to be ready to deliver. No excuses, either — there are loads of awesome pet products, toys, and, yes, even gadgets that your pup will love playing with, at least for a […]

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    48 Adorable Doggie Halloween Costumes – and One Lonely Cat

    If you’re a pet owner and you’re not getting your four-legged friend in on Halloween festivities, you’re missing out. Dogs are the ultimate Halloween accessories — they’re a blank, questionably willing canvas, and they’ll improve your costume by default just by being a dog in a costume. In need of some inspiration? Possibly the world’s […]

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    Shark Cat Bed is Begging to Star in a Cat Video

    If cats don’t like water, I can only imagine what their feelings about sharks are. One enterprising designer, however, seeks to forge an unlikely friendship between the two, turning the jaws of a shark into a safe and welcoming place for our feline friends. The Shark Cat Bed is a soft, comfy cat bed in […]

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    London’s Latest Odd Trend is Mouse Taxidermy?!

    The sales description on this thing avers that taxidermy is the ‘fastest growing trend in London.’ I don’t know if that’s a joke, or something they’re just saying to sell more mouse taxidermy kits, or what, but I’ve decided I’m going to go ahead and not look further into this. Whatever the case may be, […]

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    New Dog GPS Tracker is Perfect for Puppies

    Last year, BeLuvv came out with Guardian, a little gadget to help keep track of kids, keeping them safe and not lost. And puppies are kind of like kids! So, we now have Puppy. BeLuvv is taking the same basic tracking idea used in Guardian, and making it suitable for the canine world. Puppy is […]

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    Petzila Takes The Edge Off of Separation Anxiety

    All those of years of multiple companies developing home camera and audio recording systems has finally reached the ultimate endpoint. The summit has been reached. Thanks to Petzila, you can stay in touch with two-way communications between any of your devices and your home, at any time. Stay in touch with your dog, that is.

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    PETA OK with Dog Hair Dye Critter Colors

    Humans aren’t the sole purveyors of hair dyeing anymore – Critter Color is getting your pets (the furry ones, anyway) in on the fun. Critter Color is a new line of safe, wash-out hair (fur?) dyes for pets. You can rub the dye into the fur or dilute it and use it as a spray […]

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    Sony Releases Action Cam Bundles for Pets and Bikes

    In late April, we saw that Sony released a few new accessories for their Action Cam, a small camera that you can strap to yourself or other things while you partake in crazy adventures like scuba diving, base jumping, or riding a bicycle through L.A. traffic. Now, those new accessories can be purchased in a […]