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    Philips is About to Offer More Bang for Your Buck With Their Philips Hue Smart Light Starter Kits

    Philips has brought a few bright ideas with them to IFA 2017. After pioneering smart lighting with their app-controlled Hue lights in 2012, Philips has slowly but surely made them cheaper while introducing some tasteful fixtures. Both trends are continuing at this year’s show. Going forward, Philips will include four of their A19 bulbs in […]

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    Optimize Your Health With Phillips Health Watch, Body Analysis Scale, and Bluetooth Ear Thermometer

    Philips HealthSuite is not about fitness tracking. It is a health tracking ecosystem for everyone, whether they’re an exercise enthusiast or not. After all, the more informed we are about what’s happening in our bodies, the better we will be able to make informed health choices. With all the fuss in the news about fitness […]

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    Best of IFA 2016

    Berlin’s big technology bash is just about over, with the big announcements already in the bag. We’ve seen the usual suspects’ last pushes before the holiday shopping season, and while this year was a little lighter on the new and exciting, there was still plenty here certain to wind up on more than a few […]

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    Philips Jumps into OLED TVs With the 55-inch Ambilight 901F

    OLED displays are the next big thing in smartphones, but they’ve been the next big thing in televisions. Samsung and LG were two of the earliest adopters of the new technology, which has better color contrast than LCD televisions, and last week we saw another television giant get on board. The Ambilight 901F is Philips’ […]

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    Philips Adds a Connected Motion Sensor to Their Hue Lighting System

    In 2012, Philips got in front of smart home lighting with their Hue brand, a series of LED lights that can be controlled using a smartphone. Since then, Philips has spun off their lighting business into a separate company called Philips Lighting, with Hue at the forefront. Usually, we hear about new forms of lighting […]

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    Philips Moda 2 23.8” LED Monitor Review

    The Philips Brilliance 245C5 23.8″ 1920 x 1080 LED IPS Monitor, better known as the Moda 2, takes a different sort of approach to make a name for itself in the crowded monitor market. Instead of going all-in on display quality, Philips is angling for enterprise attention by adding a Bluetooth speaker to the base […]

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    Philips Wants Your Gadgets to Smell Good

    I feel shade being thrown in our directions, the same sort one feels when offered a Tic-Tac unexpectedly. Philips is suggesting that maybe our computers are super gross and need some freshening up with their Scented Anti-Bacterial Screen Cleaner. And you know what? I’m grateful, because computers are super gross. Everyone’s hands get all over […]

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    Purple Sonicare DiamondClean Toothbrush is Inspired by Runway Trends

    By their own admission, the newest color for Philips’ Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush is coming straight from runway trends of 2015. The metallic, deep purple Amethyst Edition keeps with the space motif we’ve seen from several top-level designers this year, including Valentino. “The combination creates a standout aesthetic that is unexpected and daring in a traditionally […]

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    Philips Fidelio L2 Headphones Review

    It’s been a solid three years since the original Fidelio L1 headphones first appeared on the scene. A lot has changed in three years, but fortunately, the Fidelio over-ear headphones have only gotten better with the release of the next generation — the Fidelio L2. The design is still beautiful with a hat tip to the […]

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    Philips Fidelio NC1 Changes the Game on Noise Canceling Headphones

    Philips is finally joining the active noise cancellation headphone club this year with their Fidelio NC1 headphones. Coming from the Fidelio line, we’re expecting the audio to be solid, but it sounds like Philips’ first crack at ANC is going to be pretty impressive, too. The NC1 headphones use dedicated microphones for their active noise […]

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    Philips FL3X is the Contortionist of Bluetooth Speakers

    Philips has a brand new portable Bluetooth speaker for CES 2015. It’s called the FL3X, and true to its name, it’s a flexible little speaker that you can wear easily around your wrist. The FL3X is a small, round speaker with a wristband attached to it. The rubberized sides of the speaker can be pulled […]

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    Philips Fidelio B5 is No Ordinary Sound Bar

    At CES, Philips has unveiled a new premium soundbar from their Fidelio line. The Fidelio B5 is no ordinary soundbar, though—it can break apart to create an impressive surround sound system. The Philips Fidelio B5 soundbar is a long unit that sweeps up smoothly from the front, and looks like it belongs in a premium […]

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    Chuck the Philips ShoqBox Mini into the Pool

    Philips is bringing some cheap new portable speakers to CES this year, including the ShoqBox Mini. With a name like that and its looks, you know it’s going to be rugged, but this speaker has an extra surprise that helps it sound just as good. The ShoqBox Mini is rugged, but excels at staving off […]

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    Philips BlueTouch and PulseRelief Provide Wireless Pain Relief

    Now that we’re a few days on from IFA, we can start taking a look at some of the more low-key announcements to come out of one of the world’s biggest stages for consumer electronics. And, as is so often the case, those low-key announcements are often some of the best. BlueTouch and Pulse Relief, […]

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    Check Out the Coffee Machine That Has 18 Preset Coffee Options!

    How much do you love coffee? How far would you be willing to go for the perfect cup? Philips is about to put your dedication to the test with their new mega-coffee maker to end all coffee makers—the Saeco GranBaristo Avanti. Look, when a coffee maker is first shown off the year before release as […]

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    Philips A1-PRO DJ Headphones Gets Armin Van Buuren Seal of Approval

    Last year, we heard about an ongoing collaboration between Philips and Armin van Buuren that resulted in the M1X-DJ Sound System, a semi-portable DJ controller perched on top of a speaker system. That was followed up by the A5-PRO headphones announced earlier this spring. At IFA last week, Philips announced the next product to come […]