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    Don’t Scramble These Day-of-the-Week Emoji Egg Pillows

    It’s hard out here in the throw pillow world. Time was you could just slap a floral border on a plain background, get Bed, Bath, and Beyond on the horn, and you’d be set. Now you have to stand out, even if takes three to four extra words to describe your throw pillows adequately. Such […]

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    GoGo Pillow Joins the Mile High Club

    It’s a tablet case, but it can be so much more than that. The GoGo Pillow promises to be an all-in-one travel pillow. This is the perfect companion for members of the mile high club. The GoGo Pillow is indeed a pillow, with four straps that can be used to secure your tablet in place. […]

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    Don’t Spill Your TV Dinner on the TV Pillow

    Enjoy some sweet analog dreams with this classic TV pillow. Those old televisions might have gone the way of the dinosaur, but at least their design makes for a much better pillow than the ones we have now.