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    The Japanese Trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean 5 Might Contain a Huge Spoiler

    If you’ve gotten this far (and managed to avoid other outlets flagrantly contravening internet spoiler conventions), we’re not responsible for any spoilery. This week, we’re getting a reminder that Japanese moviegoers don’t care about spoilers nearly as much as people in the western world seem to, and their trailers usually reflect that. That’s never been […]

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    The Next Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Will Introduce Will Turner’s Son

    Johnny Depp is returning to the big screen as Captain Jack Sparrow on Memorial Day weekend, and he’s bringing some old friends with him. With the wind going out of the franchise’s sails after On Stranger Tides, the fifth movie, Dead Men Tell No Tales, looks to be a return to form. Depp and Geoffrey Rush as […]

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    8 of the Geekiest Super Bowl Movie Trailers from Sunday’s Game

    Super Bowl Sunday is maybe the second best time of the year for trailer frenzy (that whole San Diego Comic-con thing is hard to top). So, which movies got millions of dollars sent after millions and millions more dollars to get the big game treatment? Here’s eight with a sort of geeky slant. Well, seven. […]