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    The 8 Movies of 2018 We’re Looking Forward to the Most

    2018 is almost here, and because in the 21st century we know on any given day what movies are going to come out for the next three years, we can start planning out our theater trips as soon as we want! Here’s what will have us buying eating overpriced popcorn in the year to come. […]

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    The Week in Geek – Jude Law Gets Another Big Role and Pixar Has Another Big Hit

    Too busy to keep up on all things geeky this week? We’ve got you covered with the trailers, merch, and news coming out of the week that was! Ant-Man and The Wasp finishes filming That’s a wrap. #AntManandtheWasp — Peyton Reed (@MrPeytonReed) November 20, 2017 Director Peyton Reed announced last Sunday that Ant-Man and The Wasp […]

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    Disney Video Reveals the Connections Between Pixar Movies

    Pixar theorycrafting has become a legitimate pastime this decade, with fans the world over trying their best to prove that every Pixar movie takes place in the same world. Well, looks like Disney only wants to encourage it — on the Toy Story Facebook page, there’s a new video showing a number of hidden references made in […]

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    Disney and Pixar Release the First Teaser Trailer for Cars 3

    The next big Pixar release, Cars 3, is scheduled for June 16, 2017. That means it’s time for your regularly scheduled teaser trailer release! Uploaded yesterday, the 50-second teaser shows us Lightning entering the old mentor part of his Rocky-like character arc in what appears to be a pretty painful way. There’s not much to it besides Lightning […]

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    25 Exquisitely Beautiful Disney Minimalist Posters

    There is something wonderful about seeing all that we love in a movie simmered down to the essence of what makes it great. These 25 minimalist Disney posters do the classics proud with an artistic touch that captures the wonder and fun of the epic adventures with a light touch. Robin Hood That rascal of […]

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    Finding Dory Trailer Premieres and We’re Already Sobbing

    Where else would the trailer for Finding Dory premiere than on the Dory’s own show? Ellen DeGeneres, who voiced the forgetful fish in Finding Nemo and is reprising her role for the new film, debuted the new trailer on Wednesday during her show, and it’s appropriately enough about finding old memories. It looks like lots […]

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    Toy Fair 2010: Disney Pixar Announces New Toy Story 3 Toys

    An excited crowd of adults, kids, and kids at heart, anxiously awaited the launch of the latest line of Toy Story 3 toys, announced today at the New York Toy Fair. Disney set the tone for the product launch by completely transforming a normal looking space in an adult playground filled with toys, overstuffed chairs, […]