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    Just Another Nail in the Coffin as Flip Video Drops to $79

    Cisco’s announcement back last month that they would be discontinuing the popular Flip Video line, came quite as the shocker. After all, the company started the whole pocket camcorder craze. That said, it will come as no surprise to hear that prices on their camcorders have dropped yet again. The Flip UltraHD with a 4GB […]

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    Sony Bloggie Touch Review (MHS-TS20)

    Cisco’s recent announcement about discontinuing their popular Flip video camera series was pretty shocking. After all, the Flip did start the pocket camcorder craze and inspired a slew of imitators. That said, the news wasn’t all that shocking since smartphones are replacing pocket camcorders. We recently got the opportunity to test out the Sony Bloggie […]

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    Olympus LS-20M Pocket Camcorder Takes a Stab at the Dead Flip

    Hot on the heels of the death of the Flip, Olympus has announced their new LS-20M hand-held HD video and Linear PCM recorder. Olympus’s strength has traditionally been with audio recording devices, so this pocket camcorder should offer a much better audio recording experience than the typical pocket camcorders out there on the market today. […]