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    Gavio Amped is Big on Sound, Light in Your Hand

    Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, sharing is all the rage these days. Online, it seems like there’s nothing some people won’t share, even if we don’t really want them to do. So, make sure that when you get one of these Gavio Amped speakers, the music you’re sharing isn’t the kind that’s going to send […]

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    Quirky’s Perch is the Perfect Portable All-in-One Accessory for Mobile Devices

    The Quirky community has put their collective brainpower together to produce the Perch, a two part portable speaker and dock for use with iPhones, Android, smartphones, and multimedia devices. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth for playback. The integrated microphone is a great feature, separating it from the many portable speakers on the market.  The design […]