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    The ZTE Spro 2 Pocket Projector is Now Available at T-Mobile

    Last year, ZTE introduced the Spro 2, an updated version of their pocket projector. Not only was it pretty powerful for its size, it also added a 5″ touchscreen with Android to make it possible to stream and project content all from one device. Not bad, but the need for connectivity landed the Spro 2 […]

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    ZTE Spro Plus Is a Mobile a Projector That Thinks It’s Also a Tablet

    Last year, ZTE released the Spro 2, a pocket-sized projector with a smartphone-sized display. Being able to use Android on the projector made it a pretty convenient device, especially for giving presentations at work or quickly sharing videos or pictures with family and friends while on trips. At MWC 2016, ZTE is announcing the tablet […]

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    CES 2010: HP Notebook Projection Companion is Almost Pocketable

    Ultraportable projectors are popping up everywhere, and HP wants to get in the action with the HP Notebook Projection Companion. This little guy measures four by three inches and weighs less than one pound. It’s able to project an image unto 60 inches from a instance of 8.5 feet. It will be available to purchase […]