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    30-Year Study Finds That Cell Phone Use Doesn’t Cause Brain Cancer

    Claims that cellular and Wi-Fi networks are a public health risk were dealt a blow earlier this month, as the results of a 30-year study headed by the University of Sydney showed that in Australia, there has been no rise in incidences of brain cancer since cell phone use became more widespread during the ’80s. […]

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    SmartSense Shawl is a Snuggie for Radiation-Phobes

    Two moms get together and they start freaking out about all the radiation that they and their families absorb on a daily basis from cell phones, WiFi, microwaves, etc. So what do they do? They come out with the SmartShawl, a “stylish” wrap that is designed to cover a woman’s chest and belly to help […]

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    Tokyoflash Radiation Level LED is a Concept Watch, For Now

    How apropos for someone to submit a watch design to Tokyoflash that would look like it’s measuring radioactivity. The person submitting the entry just happens to be from Japan as well… so perhaps this is a subliminal message of sorts. The design of the watch is also actuality similar to a previous watch that Tokyoflash […]

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    Most Dangerous Cellphones of 2010 According to SAR Values

    When a new cellphone comes out, we are all concerned about whether it will give the iPhone a run for its money or not. But instead of worrying about if your next phone has multi-touch or if it can multitask, we all seem to have neglected to consider how high the Specific Absorption Rate, AKA […]

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    HARApad Reduces Your Laptop’s Radiation Levels

    Chances are you’ve heard of, or seen those little stickers that supposedly reduce the electromagnetic radiation on your cell phone. But the HARApad is the first time we’ve seen something be developed to reduce the amount of radiation on your laptops. Actually, it does make a lot of sense – if you believe that the […]