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    These Realistic Pokémon Don’t Look Like the Fainting Type

    I think Ash would have a rough time as a trainer in this world of Pokémon. I mean, he has a rough time anyway, but you get the point. This batch of realistic Pokémon fan art features some Pokes that mean business — there’s grandeur, there’s ferocity, and there’s looking off into the distance stoically! This art comes […]

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    We Pretty Much Want All of These Realistic Pokémon as Pets

    We already know from the games that Pokémon would make awesome pets — well, alright, we can think of a few exceptions (sorry Koffing). Artist Ruth Taylor just confirmed it for us with her amazing drawings of Pokémon if they existed in our world instead of their cute, cartoony world of constant Pokémon-on-Pokémon violence. We’re impressed, and if you […]

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    Here’s Further Proof That if Pokémon Were Real, Zoos Would Be Amazing

    At first I was worried about the ethical concerns surrounding zoos, but honestly? If we’re talking about Pokémon, there’s probably not much point in discussing ethics. We don’t know what it’s like inside a Poké Ball, but there’s a good chance a zoo would actually be a step up. Anyway, before we go full Pokémon Black and White […]