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    25 Rainbow Foods Made Magical with Colors

    Every celebrated chef worth his Michelin stars will tell you that a huge part of culinary artistry is presentation. While most chefs work on the blank canvas of a white plate, some get a little crazy and go well beyond that, taking the artistry of food to a whole new level. After reading “This is Your […]

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    Chef Sleeve is the Ziploc Baggie of iPad Cases

    I know many, including myself, that like to cook with their iPad, since apps like Epicurious offer a great selection of recipes. But just like my apron, my iPad gets filthy as I try and scroll around on the screen with breadcrumb battered hands. The Chef Sleeve however, is looking to be the perfect sous […]

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    Hands on with Sungale Cyberus ID801WT Kitchen Touchscreen

    The Sungale Cyberus ID801WT was presented to us as a Digital Recipe Organizer which displays recipes stored locally and online, but it can do much more than that. We first wrote about it back in August and this week we got to see it hands on. Sungale was selling the ID801WT short, we found the recipe organizer […]