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    You Can Now Buy Samsung’s Teched Out Family Hub Refrigerator

    Remember that refrigerator-tablet-camera hybrid Samsung showed off at CES? Well, today’s the day you can finally get in on the future of the kitchen. The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator is now on sale, and the price won’t surprise you. The Family Hub is a refrigerator with three cameras on the inside and a 21.5″ display […]

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    GE is Ready to Reinvent the Refrigerator

    For all our recent technological advances, one thing has remained curiously frozen in the past – the refrigerator. While modern electric refrigerators have continuously gotten more energy efficient, they’re still based on technology that was developed in the 1800s. Yeah, that’s an 8, and it’s not a typo. But, here in the 2000s, GE has […]

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    Samsung’s T9000 Fridge Terminates Humidity, Adds Space

    Samsung’s T9000 may sound like Sarah Connor’s worst nightmare but actually it is quite a lovely family friendly fridge. It has 4 doors! The lower right quadrant can be used how you choose, as freezer or refrigerator. It would make a great kids-only easy to reach section, or even better, mom only ice cream section.  […]

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    Haier Dry Erase Write On Fridge Makes Leaving Notes More Efficient

    Magnets and pieces of paper are usually the most traditional ways  ofleaving notes on the fridge. However the latest compact fridge from Haier kicks it up a notch, by letting you actually write directly on the refrigerator! The Dry-Erase Write-on Fridge is perfect for dorm rooms, offices, or as an extra fridge for your home. […]