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    iDroid On a Mission to Conquer the Toy World

    The Terminator of the toy world is upon us. The iDroid is a toy robot that can bust things up in a number of ways, but the coolest part is that the remote control is any iOS or Android device you happen to have on hand.

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    I Don’t Know Why This Helicopter Can Fly Upside Down, But It Can

    Then again, I guess toy shop Hammacher Schlemmer doesn’t claim to offer the unexpected for nothing. This remote-controlled helicopter is much like any other medium-to-high-end toy helicopter you’ll see except for one big difference – you can detach the rotors, invert them, and fly the helicopter upside-down.

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    Griffin’s Beacon Universal Remote Control for iPhone or Android

    We use our iPhones and smartphones for just about everything. The conveniences just keep piling on for having one. Adding to them, is the Griffin Beacon Universal Remote Control. We are going to be seeing a lot of these types devices soon; The kind that pair a piece of hardware with an app for virtually […]

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    NewKinetix RÄ“ Universal Remote Becomes iPad Friendly

    We reviewed the NewKinetix Rē Universal Remote for the iPhone and iPod Touch a while back, and were quite impressed with the accessory and its complimenting app. Now the Rē Universal Remote app has been upgraded to version 2.0, with support for the iPad, essentially transforming the iPad into a swanky full sized universal remote […]

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    POWER A Universal Remote for iPhone 3GS & 3G Review

    POWER A Universal Remote Case adds infrared(IR) remote control capabilities to your iPhone 3G/3GS. The concept is pretty solid; it enables your iPhone to control almost any device which you have a remote control for (IR only, no RF or Bluetooth). Will I chuck out the window all those extra remotes I have and the […]

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    Power A Releases Universal Remote Control Case for the iPhone

    Power A has just released the “Universal Remote Case”, designed specifically for the Apple iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 3G. The POWER A Universal Remote Case is both a protective case and universal remote that can control any IR device like televisions, DVD/Blu-ray players, and cameras. The case works in conjunction with a free app […]