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    How Do You Feel About Saudi Arabia’s Newest Citizen?

    Saudi Arabia has been making some very amazing and interesting advancements lately. In late September, they announced that they are now permitted women to get behind the wheel and start driving cars. This change is taking effect June 2018, and Saudi Arabia has long been seen as oppressing women for having this legal ban on […]

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    Ziro Literally Puts Control of Robots at Your Fingertips

    It’s a great time to be a robot builder. With prices of components like motors and microcontrollers plunging, hobbyists can build and program fun and simple robots without spending too much. Still, putting together the moving parts of a robot takes a fair bit of mechanical know-how, expertise, and a steady soldering hand — not necessarily welcoming […]

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    Share Autom: The Eyelash Batting Robotic Weightloss Coach

    January tends to begin with promises of detoxing and diets, and the Autom Weightloss coach offers you a way to make the calorie counting a little easier. It’s a robotic styled device that’s equipped with an interactive touchscreen that gives you diet tips and support and allows you to input your daily food intake. The […]