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    Self-Driving Boats Are Coming To Amsterdam

    And you thought those self-driving cars sounded scary! Wait until you see a boat driving itself on the water. Self-driving boats are actually in the works in Amsterdam. Today, the Amsterdam Institute for Metropolitan Solutions (AMS) announced a new, five-year research initiative to explore the possibility of floating robot vehicles. “Imagine a fleet of autonomous boats for the transportation […]

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    Domino’s Is Testing Out Pizza Delivery Robots

    Today, we’re learning that Domino’s is doing its part to end the age of human delivery. Before we know it, every Domino’s pizza might be delivered by DRU, their autonomous delivery bot. DRU is being tested on a few streets in Queensland, Australia right now, but there are plans to take this guy worldwide in […]

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    Robit Isn’t Just a Robot, He Wants To Be Your Butler

    What started out as a DIY project to create a fun way for a nine-year-old to learn programming is shaping up to become one of the most useful home robots yet — and the most affordable. Robit is a cute little wheeled robot who has become a guard dog, an assistant, and a friendly companion, […]

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    Robot Kills Worker at Volkswagen Plant

    Horrifying stuff out of Germany today, as an accident resulted in a robotic system crushing a contract worker against a metal plate, crushing his chest. The man was revived, but ultimately succumbed to his injuries at the hospital where he was being treated. The accident happened at a Volkswagen manufacturing plant in Baunatal, Germany, where […]

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    Ozobot is a Tiny Robot that Teaches Kids to Code + Giveaway!

    This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ozobot. All opinions are 100% mine. There’s no doubt that there are a lot of jobs today that require knowledge of computer programming and that it would probably be a pretty good idea to introduce coding at a young age. That said, throwing dozens […]

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    Meet Your Ham Sandwich’s New Robot Overlord

    First, they came for our sack lunches. Thus the robot uprising begins, with the deceptively innocuous Lunch Bot. The Lunch Bot encases your kids’ lunches in a tight steel vice, making brown bags everywhere the latest victim of robot domination. But, I’m all for it if this leads to smart lunch boxes. This is 2014. […]

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    Lego Mindstorms EV3 Will Let Your Imagination Run Wild: Review

    Intelligent Lego robots have existed among us for years thanks to Lego Mindstorms. At long last, they’ve just released Mindstorm EV3. EV3 is everything you could imagine for 2014 robotics: motors, sensors, Bluetooth, WiFi, and more. The EV3 has unlimited capability and will appeal to users of all ages. At it’s most basic level, the […]

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    Build Your Own Futuristic Autonomous Smart Car

      Smart, self-driving cars sound pretty cool, but it’s still hard to wrap your mind around how the technology would be implemented. How would they work alongside cars still driven by people? Won’t they need an insane amount of safety features and protocols, to account for a dizzying number of possible crisis scenarios on the […]

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    Zoomer Gets a Buddy in Dino, Newest Addition to Robotic Pet Line

    So, advances in robotics and remote control have made robot pets possible. Naturally, this meant the advent of the loyal robot dog, like Zoomer. Zoomer has a lot of company. But, as much as we all love dogs, the question needs to be asked – if it’s robots we’re talking about, why limit ourselves? Basically, […]

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    WowWee MiP Is a Gesture-Controlled Robot Buddy

    WowWee, by and large a toy manufacturer, has found fame over the past few years by creating some of the most advanced robot companions out there, at fairly reasonable prices. Their newest robot pal, MiP, is no different, introducing some brand new ways to play while keeping things affordable. MiP is a cross between a […]

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    Romo Robotic Pet Review

    Meet Romo. You can think of Romo as a sort of Tamagotchi pet for 2013. That said, this ‘pet’ is much more advanced than the original Tamagotchi. That is because this robot pet uses a smartphone for its brains and the base is just what lets it travel around. When you first get started with […]

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    CloudRobot is the Rock’em Sock’em Robot of the Future [Video]

    In both corners, weighing in at 5 pounds with a height of 16 inches, CloudRobot!! The rock em sock em robot of the future! These *real* boxing robots have shockingly life-like movements and are capable of multi-player highspeed boxing. What kind of futuristic robot would CloudRobot be if it wasn’t wirelessly connected to the internet? […]

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    Share Autom: The Eyelash Batting Robotic Weightloss Coach

    January tends to begin with promises of detoxing and diets, and the Autom Weightloss coach offers you a way to make the calorie counting a little easier. It’s a robotic styled device that’s equipped with an interactive touchscreen that gives you diet tips and support and allows you to input your daily food intake. The […]