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    SanDisk’s Extreme Portable SSD Can Be Dropped and Drowned

    While Samsung is going for tiny with their line of portable SSDs, SanDisk is emphasizing ruggedness. Their new SanDisk Extreme 510 Portable SSD is built to survive extremes while featuring most of the premium features usually found in external SSDs — but not quite all of them. The Extreme 510 is a USB 3.0 drive, […]

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    Lunatik AQUATIK Case for iPhone 6/6s Review

    If you want to stay connected at the beach or in the mountains — or you just want to use your phone in the rain — you will need a case that offers great protection. Recently, we reviewed the TAKTIK 360 from Lunatik. That was a great case, but it might be more than you need, […]

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    This Case Transforms The 12-Inch MacBook Into a Toughbook

    We usually associate Urban Armor Gear with great (if bulky) protective smartphone cases that can withstand drops and hold up to all kinds of inclement weather. They’re the cases that excel when gadgets need to go on adventures with you, but now it looks like they aren’t content to limit themselves to just smartphones and […]

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    Moto X Force is the Droid Turbo 2 For Everyone Else

    Well, this looks familiar. Just a couple of days after Motorola and Verizon announced the Droid Turbo 2, Motorola is dropping (literally) the Moto X Force, which is the same as the Droid Turbo 2 but for almost everyone else. Verizon usually needs their own phones because of their CDMA network, which requires a different […]

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    Dell Gets Tough on Tablets With Their Latitude 12 Rugged

    It’s a little surprising, considering that tablets are the more mobile devices, but Dell built up their Rugged line with notebooks and 2-in-1s before finally building a rock-solid tablet in the new Latitude 12 Rugged. The tablet looks to be as technically proficient as it is tough — the 11.6″ HD display is combined with […]

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    Fugoo Style Review – A Bluetooth Clutch that Rocks

    We’ve seen the portable speaker designed as a clutch done before, but this might be the best crack at it yet. To that effect, the Fugoo Style isn’t just a looker – but it has some seriously good audio chops that make it one of the better portable Bluetooth speakers out there. For a speaker […]

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    Gumdrop DropTech Color iPad Air Case Review

    Sometimes you need a little extra protection for your iPad. Perhaps you are using it outdoors or you are worried about it slipping from your child’s hands. In either case, you’ll need a heavy duty case like the Gumdrop DropTech Color. This case is very well built, with a rugged, tire tread pattern to improve […]

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    Incipio ATLAS Waterproof iPhone 5 Case Review

    We all love our iPhone 5, but we too often neglect to protect it properly from the elements. Fortunately, Incipio’s ATLAS Case is designed both for clumsy folk, as well as for adventurous types. This super tough case provides multiple layers of protection for your iPhone, effectively protecting it from water, dirt and drops. And it […]

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    Jam Party Portable Boombox Review

    Party on with Jam Party, a dual speaker wireless bluetooth boombox. This nifty looking speaker comes with a 12 hour rechargeable battery, a built-in handle, and enough sound to kick off your own mini rager. The design of the Jam Party is fun and premium looking. It comes in four very bright flavors: Blueberry (blue), […]

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    Speck ToughSkin Duo for iPhone 5 Review

    The Speck ToughSkin Duo for iPhone 5 is two cases is one. ToughSkin offers iPhone supreme protection and if it ever feels too bulky, simply shed the outer skin and reveal a brand new case with a super sleek form factor. ToughSkin’s an awesome case for those of us that flipflop between careful and careless. […]

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    Ballistic SG MAXX Samsung Galaxy S III Case Review

    Going mountain biking or doing serious outdoor work? Then the Ballistic SG MAXX case might just be what you need to protect your Samsung Galaxy S III. The Ballistic case is extremely tough and feels like a suit of armor, protecting your phone from drops, bumps, and nearly all the unexpected things that could happen […]

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    Intel Studybook is the Classmate PC of Tablets

    To date, Intel has deployed over 7 million Classmate PCs worldwide. Hot on the heals of that success, they are announcing the Intel Studybook tablet. The Studybook is an Android tablet that has been designed especially for the k-8 education market. This new tablet project should hardly come as a surprise venture with Intel now […]

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    Samsung Rugby Smart is the Most Rugged Smartphone Ever

    None of us can live without our smartphone, but sometimes they are way too difficult to live with because they are so fragile! Fortunately the new Samsung Rugby Smart is a smartphone that is ready to withstand the elements. The Rugby Smart is an Android 2.3 phone thats packs in a 3.7-inch AMOLED touchscreen display, […]

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    ioSafe Rugged Portable Firewire 800 Review

    The ioSafe Rugged Portable Firewire 800 is not the same external hard drive you grew up with. For starters, not only does it look great, it also manages to be tougher than any portable hard drive you have probably ever owned. As a matter of fact, the drive is able to provide crush protection up […]