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    iPhone 6s Arrives September 18th

    If you’re looking to upgrade to the rumored iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, you should be saving up for September as new leaked information seem to suggest the new phones will drop on September 18. German tech site Mackeropf has apparently spoken with two out of three carriers in that country who revealed they […]

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    Pink-like Rose Gold iPhone 6s May Be Incoming

    Anyone want a pink iPhone 6s? Photos of the rumored rose-hue iPhone 6s have been circulating on Chinese social networks earlier this week, and they are making fans impossibly excited for a pink variant of the next iPhone. Based on the details and photos obtained by Daliulian.net, the purported shade of pink on this iPhone […]

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    iPad Rumors: More of the Same?

    There’s a new iPad coming tomorrow, so with that, many of the rumors already circulating might be flushed down the toilet. Whoops – I  guess the notion of a new iPad debuting is still technically a rumor too, but by all accounts it’s a foregone conclusion. So, the question is, what will it look like? […]

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    Rumored Upcoming Budget iPhone Gets Pictured

    Rumors of hell freezing over and an Apple product labeled “budget” being released have been swirling for a few months now. Now, they’re being fostered by what must surely be an incredibly unreliable source – a company that makes knock-off Android phones that look like other, more famous phones.

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    T-Mobile is Getting the iPhone 4 and iPad, Here’s Proof

    For years, there have been rumors circulating that T-Mobile U.S.A. would get the iPhone. These rumors have especially heated up in recent months. And now it looks like that rumor is about to come true – very, very soon. That is because T-Mobile now has a Micro SIM card listed on their web site which […]

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    HTC Thunderbolt Likely Verizon’s First 4G LTE Smartphone

    As rumors of the HTC Thunderbolt sweep the net, Verizon’s keynote at CES next week is becoming more anticipated by the moment. It’s speculated that Verizon will show off a suite of 4G LTE devices, ranging from smartphones to tablets, and perhaps even an iPhone and iPad. But at the moment, all fingers are pointing […]