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    Samsung’s Awesome All-in-One Soundbar is Now Available

    Samsung had a lot of good stuff at CES this year, but it was one of their soundbars that really grabbed our attention. Their MS750 Sound+ Soundbar is pretty awesome for anyone living in an apartment — the sleek bar can produce quality bass without the need for an external subwoofer, making it a solid space-saving […]

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    The Stunning Samsung Frame TV is Available Now

    Every year at CES, Samsung surprises with a designer TV set — there was the pedestal set in 2015, followed by the TV that looked like an ‘I’ in sans serif font from last year. The pedestal set was designed by Yves Behar, and for this year’s set, Samsung worked with him again to create the […]

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    Samsung Brings Their New QLED Display to This Humongous Gaming Monitor

    Samsung came to CES earlier this year with a brand new set of premium panels using their QLED technology. QLED isn’t quite like OLED, but it does offer something approaching that level of performance, guaranteeing a wide color gamut and high contrast while being much cheaper and more durable. If that sounds awesome for PC […]

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    Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Review: Masterful

    For several years now, Samsung’s been dominating the world of smartphones. Multi-billion dollar marketing campaigns have made the company wildly successful with the general public, but us tech journalists haven’t always been impressed with Samsung’s handsets. While we universally praised the Galaxy S II for raising the bar, we generally found the S III and […]

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    Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Review

    With tablet sales plateauing and lots of decent low-cost options to choose from, premium tablets have become tough sells. Increasingly, we’ve seen tablets billed as creative tools, combined with styluses and keyboards to become good sketchpads in addition to being solid home entertainment devices. Some even go as far as to call themselves PC replacements — what […]

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    Samsung Galaxy S8 Launches April 21st for $720+ [Hands-on]

    The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8 has landed, and it’s everything the leaks made us hope it would be. To that effect, Samsung has thrown out the Edge moniker, but they’ve brought over the Edge’s beautiful curved display to the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. To that effect, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is sporting a […]

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    Samsung is Going to Resurrect the Note 7 by Selling Refurbished Units

    At Samsung’s January press conference revealing the cause of the Note 7 battery fires, some Greenpeace protesters sneaked in and shouted the company down for how they were disposing of the unused phones. Well, maybe they got into the heads of Samsung’s leadership — somewhat surprisingly, the company now plans to start selling refurbished Note 7 […]

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    Samsung’s Frame TV That Resembles a Picture Frame Arrives This Spring

    Samsung’s new super bright QLED TVs were the company’s crown jewels at CES this year, improving on their SUHD LED TVs from the year before. Samsung believes that they’ve been able to push the LED/LCD combo to a place competitive with OLED TVs, and that’d be a big deal if they’re right — LED-backlit LCD TVs […]

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    Galaxy Tab S3 Is Pretty Much a Note Tablet

    The last time we saw the S Pen, it was being jettisoned from shelves along with the Note 7. Fortunately, you can’t keep a good stylus down — Samsung is announcing the Galaxy Tab S3 at Mobile World Congress this weekend, and in addition to some helpful changes from the previous generation, it’s coming with support […]

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    The Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Most Likely Get a 6.2” Model

    Late last year, rumors coming from an analyst in South Korea indicated that this year’s Samsung Galaxy S8 would be much bigger than previous entries in the line, getting 5.7″ and 6.2″ models. That rumor seems to be all but confirmed today, with noted leakmaster Evan Blass tweeting out what appears to be the spec […]

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    Lutron Adds Samsung SmartThing Compatibility to Their Caséta Wireless Smart Home Devices

    CES 2017 bore good news for anyone who has bought into Lutron’s Caséta Wireless smart home devices. In addition to Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa, Lutron now works with Samsung SmartThings and the Nest Cam, making for a very impressive list of compatible devices and services. There are some hurdles. Caséta Wireless uses a proprietary wireless connection […]