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    Smartphones Fully Charged in Under 15 Minutes? Samsung Says They’re Coming Soon

    Yeah, we know. Samsung has had a good year, but they’re always going to catch some grief when it comes to batteries, and for good reason. But, there’s reason to get excited about Samsung battery news today — the company says they’ve developed charging technology that could fully charge smartphone batteries at incredible speeds using an […]

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    The Non-Apple User’s Guide to Choosing the Best True Wireless Earbuds

    Who needs cables? The last couple years have seen loads of true wireless earbuds hit the market, starting with a handful of crowdfunded projects before the Apple AirPods made everyone aware! These little Bluetooth wireless buds don’t even have a cable to connect them, making them super sleek and lightweight. If you’re an Apple user, […]

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    The Samsung HMD Odyssey Mixed Reality Headset is the Best One Yet

    When Microsoft talked about their upcoming Mixed Reality platform late last year, they mentioned HP, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, and Dell as hardware partners. We saw a lot of those headsets last month at IFA, and while they all had their own style, they were all the same on the spec sheet — dual 1440 x 1440 […]

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    ADT Now Has Their Own DIY Home Security System in a Partnership With Samsung SmartThings

    ADT has done well for itself by selling home security the traditional way — professionally installed systems and a subscription- or contract-based monitoring service. While they might still have success with that model for a while longer, it looks like the home security mainstay is finally starting to reckon with what home security increasingly looks like — […]

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    The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is in Stores Starting Today

    It’s time for the fall smartphone battle to kick off! We’ve already got the major players — the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the iPhone X, and the LG V30 — announced and hyped. Now it’s time for you to check them out for yourself in stores. You can do that starting today, with the Galaxy Note 8 […]

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    Sounds Like Samsung is Planning a Folding Galaxy Phone for Next Year

    Today is Apple’s day, which means that Samsung is going to do everything they can to try to steal their thunder! Being real, nobody is going to steal Apple’s thunder today, but what Samsung CEO DJ Koh just said at a press conference in South Korea is pretty darn interesting, anyway. Koh took the stage […]

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    Samsung Connect Home Review

    You don’t typically think of Wi-Fi routers when you think of Samsung’s product catalog, but considering all of the connected devices Samsung has created for the home, it certainly makes sense. The Samsung Connect Home is more than just a router, though — it’s a smart Wi-Fi system, Wi-Fi router, and SmartThings hub all in […]

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    The Rugged Samsung Galaxy S8 Active is Available This Week as an AT&T Exclusive

    Love the Samsung Galaxy S8, but don’t trust yourself enough to keep it free from a cracked screen? It’s your time. As is tradition, Samsung is launching an Active version of their flagship phone, which has the usual reinforced from and shatter-resistant display. Samsung is launching preorders for the Galaxy S8 Active this week, with […]

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    Samsung’s Awesome All-in-One Soundbar is Now Available

    Samsung had a lot of good stuff at CES this year, but it was one of their soundbars that really grabbed our attention. Their MS750 Sound+ Soundbar is pretty awesome for anyone living in an apartment — the sleek bar can produce quality bass without the need for an external subwoofer, making it a solid space-saving […]

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    Samsung Might Make More Money Than Apple This Quarter – Thanks to Apple

    Remember when the Note 7 fiasco was supposed to leave a serious dent in Samsung’s bottom line? It probably did cost them billions in the end, but don’t take that to mean that it’s lean times for Samsung right now — if their projections of quarterly revenue prove accurate, they’ll have pulled in more profit than […]

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    The Stunning Samsung Frame TV is Available Now

    Every year at CES, Samsung surprises with a designer TV set — there was the pedestal set in 2015, followed by the TV that looked like an ‘I’ in sans serif font from last year. The pedestal set was designed by Yves Behar, and for this year’s set, Samsung worked with him again to create the […]

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    Samsung Brings Their New QLED Display to This Humongous Gaming Monitor

    Samsung came to CES earlier this year with a brand new set of premium panels using their QLED technology. QLED isn’t quite like OLED, but it does offer something approaching that level of performance, guaranteeing a wide color gamut and high contrast while being much cheaper and more durable. If that sounds awesome for PC […]