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    Seidio Active Samsung Galaxy S III Case Review

    The Active Samsung Galaxy S III case from Seidio is sleek, attractive, and accomplishes the goals of providing protection without sacrificing too much style. Rather than feeling heavy and bulky, the innocase active is pretty lightweight, giving the S III a refreshingly compact feel. The Active is actually made of two layers – a soft […]

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    myCharge Trek 2000 Rechargeable Power Bank Review

    Portable power is a growing concern for people nowadays as cellphone drain battery juice with every swipe of Angry Birds HD. The myCharge Trek 2000 Rechargeable Power Bank stands out in a market full of portable chargers with a square design which has the capability to charge TWO devices at once and has three integrated charging cables. […]

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    Everpurse Wants to Charge your iPhone 5 All Day Long

    It’s hard to find a real winner on Kickstarter sometimes, but you know you’ve found a pretty solid idea when the funding goal has been reached with two and a half weeks still to go. If the Everpurse works as promised (and from the demo video, it’s clear that it does), it’s an idea that […]

  • Win the Samsung Galaxy S III for AT&T!

    The Samsung Galaxy S III is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the year. We recently reviewed the hot new Ice Cream Sandwich touting smartphone and were impressed with its out of the box software features, as well as it pure performance prowess. The Galaxy S III packs in a 4.8 HD Super AMOLED […]

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    Samsung Galaxy S III Gets Angry Birds Cases

    There is no doubt about it, Gear4 loves themselves some Angry Birds. The company has come out with everything from official Angry Birds iPhone speaker docks, to iPad and iPhone cases. And now the company is spreading their Angry Birds cheer to the Samsung Galaxy S III.  And there are two new snap on cases […]