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    Uniea Hearts Series Samsung Galaxy S III Case Review

    Uniea’s Hearts Series for Samsung Galaxy S III is a hard shell case with a UV Glossy Finishing. This slim fitting hard shell case is made of a strong Polycarbonate construction, yet it has a femme-fatale look while protecting your Galaxy at the same time. That is the back and sides of the Galaxy. What […]

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    Ballistic SG MAXX Samsung Galaxy S III Case Review

    Going mountain biking or doing serious outdoor work? Then the Ballistic SG MAXX case might just be what you need to protect your Samsung Galaxy S III. The Ballistic case is extremely tough and feels like a suit of armor, protecting your phone from drops, bumps, and nearly all the unexpected things that could happen […]

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    Case-Mate POP! Samsung Galaxy S III Case Review

    As an all-around solid case for the Samsung Galaxy S III, the POP! case from Case-Mate really does the job and does it well. It’s fun, different, and feels very durable due to its hard shell. There is something about the design that gives it a unique look without going overboard and it makes you feel like […]

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    Seidio Active Samsung Galaxy S III Case Review

    The Active Samsung Galaxy S III case from Seidio is sleek, attractive, and accomplishes the goals of providing protection without sacrificing too much style. Rather than feeling heavy and bulky, the innocase active is pretty lightweight, giving the S III a refreshingly compact feel. The Active is actually made of two layers – a soft […]