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    Philips Wants Your Gadgets to Smell Good

    I feel shade being thrown in our directions, the same sort one feels when offered a Tic-Tac unexpectedly. Philips is suggesting that maybe our computers are super gross and need some freshening up with their Scented Anti-Bacterial Screen Cleaner. And you know what? I’m grateful, because computers are super gross. Everyone’s hands get all over […]

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    Monster CleanTouch Actively Keeps Fingerprints Off Your iPhone and iPad

    I love my iPad, but it really is a fingerprint magnet. Hopefully, Monster’s new CleanTouch solution will change all that. Unlike other screen cleaners out there, CleanTouch doesn’t just remove fingerprints, smudges, and dust from your iPad/iPhone/iPod, but it also leaves behind a special microthin coating that is able to resist fingerprint buildup and scratches […]

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    Muc-Off Biodegradable Device & Gadget Screen Cleaner

    Muc-off isn’t the most exciting product, but it’s a necessary one for any gadget owner that wants to keep germs away. This Biodegradable Device & Screen Cleaner is safe enough on all types of screens and it will completely clean the device, including the keyboard. It’s formula leaves a Streak Free finish with zero residue, […]