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    LuMee Duo iPhone Case Review (iPhone 6/6S/7)

    Whether or not you need it, the new LuMee Duo iPhone case is pretty neat. It adds light strips to both the front and back of your iPhone. The extra light can be used for reading, video chatting, and a bunch more, but from the marketing, we can tell it’s only got one real use […]

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    Rebecca Minkoff Has Come Out with the Ultimate iPhone Selfie Case

    Selfies have come a long way over the years — these days, we have phones dedicated to taking great selfies, whether it be through the use of a front flash or high-powered, kind of off-putting software features. iPhone users get a pretty solid front camera for their part, but the lighting situation could use some improvement. […]

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    MacBook Selfie Stick is an Accident Waiting to Happen

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before — someone made an artistic statement about vanity and isolation in the selfie age. This time, artists Moises, John Yuyi, and Tom Galle made a particularly robust selfie stick designed for the MacBook, then went around New York City taking pictures of people using the stick to […]

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    Lenovo Vibe S1 Lite Smartphone Can Take Selfies In The Dark

    Lenovo isn’t as well-known for their smartphones, but they do churn them out, and they’re usually pretty good for selfies. They’re staying on that train at CES 2016 with the Vibe S1 Lite a mid-range smartphone that can take top-tier selfies. The Vibe S1 Lite is the follow-up to the Vibe S1, which Lenovo launched […]

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    Selfie Bra Offers a Convenient Place to Stash Your Selfie Stick

    We can imagine many uses for a connected bra, but Triumph’s Wearable Womanliness-Boosting Bra goes pretty far past our limited imaginations. This whole bra and skirt set is a light and sound show the likes of which we’ve never seen and feel confident saying we’ll never see again. Let’s just dive right in — in […]

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    This is the Smallest Selfie Stick We’ve Ever Seen

    Hey, it’s stick-shaped — good enough for me. This ballpoint pen hides a remote shutter for your phone, and despite being a pen, is far less likely to put someone’s eye out than an actual selfie stick, which are and will remain a global public menace. The Bluetooth Selfie Pen works using a Bluetooth connection […]

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    Misfit Just Turned Their Fitness Tracker into a Selfie Button

    The Misfit Flash looks a little smarter today thanks to a new app and a price cut. Misfit is introducing Misfit Link, an app that can work with third party smart devices to turn a Misfit Flash into a multi-purpose smart button, while also announcing a new budget tracker and price cuts across the board. […]

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    Monster Selfie Case is the Spider-Man of iPhone Cases

    What’s it made of? We don’t know, and Monster isn’t saying. Whatever it is, it makes their Selfie Case do whatever a spider can — like stick to walls. The back of the case is like one huge suction cup, without the downside of having an actual unsightly, pocket-unfriendly suction cup. Monster says the case will […]

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    Mastercard Wants Selfies to Replace Pin Numbers

    Usually when biometric authentication methods get kicked around, we hear about fingerprint pads and imagine the retinal scanners we’ve seen in so many science fiction movies. Mastercard is more interested in something like the latter, but they’re calling it something they hope will resonate with the young folks — verification by selfie. The Daily Mail […]

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    Vibe X2 Pro Rocks a Super Powered Selfie Flash

    Lenovo’s still not quite ready to jump into the U.S. smartphone game (with Apple and Samsung’s dominance, why bother?), but just about everyone else will be seeing a new Vibe smartphone from Lenovo soon. The Vibe X2 Pro is that smartphone, and it continues the trend of Lenovo putting out some very solid devices here […]

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    Logitech Bemo is a Vine Machine

    Logitech has kind of an odd new entry into the action cam market with Bemo. It’s small, pocket-sized, and incredibly simple to use. Bemo is a small, one-touch video camera that syncs up with an app for recording. The limitations are worth noting with this new camera—you can’t take stills, and the video is recorded […]

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    Take a Selfie with this Novelty Toaster

    Such is The Process. Something amusing or unexpected happens. Someone makes a good joke about it, and everyone laughs. Thousands of derivative jokes are mass produced, and then The Thing gets less funny. And, finally, once Peak Thing is reached, someone tries to make money off it. In other words, if you want to buy […]

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    No Long Arms Required for this Selfie Case

    Graduation and prom season is upon us and what better way to preserve the memories than with selfies. The problem is it’s not easy to take a group shot unless you have super long arms or famous selfie-taker Bradley Cooper on hand. There are remote shutters, such as Hisy, which activate the camera shutter on […]

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    #Selfie Has the Potential to be this Year’s Gangnam Style

    By all accounts, some official, 2013 was the year of the selfie. And, because we know how the Internet works, that means that 2014 will be the year that the selfie will be beaten into the ground harder than the deadest of horses. So, let’s get started, shall we? Presenting #SELFIE, a new song and […]

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    Ellen’s Selfie Lives on as a Commemorative T-Shirt

    The Internet works fast – just a couple days after the Academy Awards and the Selfie of Many Retweets hit the air, T-shirts to commemorate the occasion are upon us. Get them now, before everyone forgets the reference. Ellen’s selfie with a horde of celebrities in tow at the Oscars broke the record for most […]