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    Sesame Street’s Newest Muppet is Julia, and She’s Autistic

    Someone new is moving to Sesame Street! The newest muppet, Julia, will be joining the cast on the April 10 episode. Julia has autism, and from the looks of the things, she’s going to make friends fast in her new home. There’s a cute new video introducing Julia, as she sings “Sunny Days” with Abby. But, Julia’s […]

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    Sesame Street Fighter is the Hardest Video Game We Have Played All Year

    In between blog posts, I get around to my fair share of games, and I love challenges. There’s something really satisfying about sucking at a game, getting good, and eventually coming out on top. I’m not usually one to turn tail and run away from a challenge, either. But, today is no ordinary day, and Sesame […]