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    18 Disney-Themed Sneakers That Are Absolutely Magical

    It’s time to get comfy in high Disney style. The Etsy store ChromaSouls has some unbelievable custom designs painted over some of the most popular sneakers in the land. They aren’t cheap, but once you see the how beautifully detailed some of these designs are, you’ll understand why. We’ve picked out 18 of our favorites, but be […]

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    Gird Your Loins: Teva and Crocs Have Collaborated on a Shoe

    It really is amazing when a shoe develops its own persona. We associate Christian Louboutins with a certain type of person, Uggs with another (definitely the people that love Pumpkin Spice Lattes), but nothing really beats Crocs. With one wearing of Crocs you tell the world, ‘I don’t care how ugly my shoes are. I […]

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    25 Geeky But Magnificent High Heels

    It’s no secret that we love high heel shoes. High heels are arguably the most fun purchase to indulge in for each outfit and thanks to the wonderful internet, even nerds can find the perfect set of heels that show off their geeky admiration and fandom. We dug around and found 25 more pairs of […]

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    Cold Feet? There’s a Connected Insole For That

    Anything and everything can be connected these days — even your insoles. After their CES debut, French company Digitsole showed up at IFA 2015 with a new and improved heated insole that can be controlled from a smartphone app, something that should make winter a lot more tolerable this year. Like so many great gadgets, […]

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    7 Geeky but Magnificent High Heels

    Good ol’ Etsy. On an Internet full of sites tripping over themselves to be the best at being the same as everyone else, Etsy has remained a weird and wonderful source of all manner of homemade arts and crafts. It’s the low-rent flea market of the Internet, and I mean that in the best way […]

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    Who Knew That Pencils Would Make Hot Stilettos?

    The stiletto isn’t known for being the most fun-loving shoe, for a lot of reasons. But, here we have one that finally doesn’t take itself too seriously – Write, from Kobi Levi. Definitely an A+ for design here – the stilettos are done up in a pencil and ruled paper motif. It’s a shame it’s […]

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    This Elephant is Made Out of Discarded Flip Flops

    There is an overabundance of cheap plastic flip flops in this world. Enough of an overabundance that the coastline in Kenya is apparently littered with flip flops that people kicked off and never bothered to retrieve. Littered with so many, in fact, that an entire business has sprung up around plucking them out of the […]

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    Celebrate Flip Flop Day With These Absurd Flip Flops

    If you haven’t heard – today is national Flip Flop Day! No this isn’t the day that people can’t make up their minds about something. Today we honor the most glorious piece of footwear, the flip flop. That rubberized shoe that isn’t quite a sandal but yet not quite a slipper either. It’s just simply […]

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    World’s Most Expensive Flip Flop Costs $18K

    Ok, so shoes may not technically be a gadget. But like gadgets, they are also a girl’s best friend. And this is why we have to talk about the world’s most expensive Flip Flop. This absurdly expensive pair of beach-friendly shoes are not Manolo Blahniks,  but they are actually from Chipkos and were hand-painted by […]

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    Stiletto Shoe Speakers Really Pump Out the Music

    We like our speakers, just like we like our shoes. We want them to be beautiful, capable, and they need to come in a selection of colors and styles. In this case these stiletto high heel Shoe Speakers might meet all of those requirements. Designed like a pair of classic high heel shoes, the shoes […]

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    Hammacher Schlemmer’s Metal Detecting Sandals Review

    I have always been fascinated with metal detectors because of the allure of finding hidden loot. Do they really work? That quivering crackling noise it makes as you get closer and closer – will it reveal a huge treasure?! Instead of lugging around one of those big metal detector machines, My Treasure Seekers in conjunction […]