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    Rockboard Radiate Skateboard Might Be Cooler than the Hoverboard (Review)

    Rockboard’s Radiate Skateboard turns ordinary skateboarding on its ear, because folks, this is not your average skateboard! The Radiate Skateboard comes equipped with 48 perfectly placed LED lights that take skateboarding to new colorful heights. Some hardcore skateboard enthusiasts may scoff at such a frilly skateboard, but when you put it to work, the light […]

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    Bladerunner Reinvents the Wheel on Skateboards

    Skateboarding is known for a lot of great tricks, but carving isn’t one of them. Skateboarders who wish they could carve up sidewalks and streets like snowboarders carve up powder just might have reason to rejoice, though – the Bladerunner is almost here. That is, as long as its Kickstarter page meets its funding requirements.

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    Ice Red Drift Laptop Messenger Bag Review

    Ice Red’s “Drift” is a messenger bag that can also masquerade as a laptop bag. The Drift bag is very versatile and exhibits sporty chic appeal with utmost utility. Unlike many other laptop bags, this one is overflowing with usable space. It is a great option for those who find laptop bags too confining. Most […]