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    11 Skin Care Gadgets That Will Have Your Skin Glowing

    The tech industry has been good to beauty! We’ve seen an explosion of really cool gadgets and products to help keep your skin youthful while making shopping for beauty products easier than ever. More advanced creams and products are being created, while augmented reality technology increasingly allows you to virtually try on cosmetics without even […]

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    The Foreo UFO is a Beauty Gadget That Could Banish Gooey Sheet Masks for Good

    Foreo has made it big by selling some fancy beauty gadgets in the past, tackling toothbrushes, exfoliators, skin care for men, and plenty else. Now, they’re tackling another sticky beauty problem — those soggy sheet masks everyone’s been slapping on their faces. Someone Foreo must have had an infomercial-style ‘there’s got to be a better way!’ moment, […]

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    OKU Personal Skin Coach Review

    Fitness and health trackers are a dime a dozen nowadays, but what about a device that can help you understand your skin and track the progress of your skin care? OKU is just such a device and it’s certainly the first of its kind. My biggest issue with skin care is that I’ve always felt […]